Making Education Fun With SimplyFun

April 27, 2015

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions contained herein are entirely my own.

Do you want your child’s first educational experience to be fun? SimplyFun® wants to help make their educational experience fun by incorporating play with educational game play. I love the excitement on my son’s face when he learns a new skill or master’s a new word. He tells me that he stores things in his “big brain”, but he’s just a typical 5 year old. SimplyFun® has games available for a wide variety of ages and skill levels. We love family game night, and I love when I can incorporate educational/skill-building activities into our family game night. We also try to spend any free time that we have watching these YoutTube learning songs so that even when he’s getting ready for bed, or if we’re going on a long journey that he still has the opportunity to learn new things. These videos also allow him to build upon any skills that he has already learnt during family game night, amongst other things.

autism awareness month

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, I wanted to share with you that SimplyFun® has worked with independent advisors to determine what SimplyFun® games are suitable for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. They have also created guidelines to help modify games and make them more suitable for children in the spectrum. The games are meant to build upon their strengths and acknowledge the occasional challenges. If a game has been designated suitable for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder there will be a corresponding tab on the individual game page on the SimplyFun® website with additional information and guidelines. I don’t personally have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder but I have friends and family that do; I love when companies research, create, and designate products that are “friendly” to children within the spectrum. I can’t imagine how disappointing it would be for a parent to purchase a game that their child was unable to comprehend because of a learning disability.
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I wish more companies would invest time and money into making games more accessible to all children especially when many could simply alter game play to make the game user friendly. You can read more about the approach of SimplyFun® children with autism needs here.

I’m going to use the Early Elementary classified game 15 to Zero as an example; the tab just below the basic game information highlights special modifications that might be used to better adapt a game to play for a child diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum. They have lengthy details about different modifications and can help you identify which children would need which modifications.

autism awareness month



I love this excerpt taken from a Simply Fun® press release. You can read the entire press list here.

Play Advisor Council member Matt Brown enthusiastically adds, “Last year, I helped develop guidelines for parents, teachers and other care-givers to find games that help remediate areas of need for children with autism. That was valuable, yet only addressed one half of the child.
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Children with autism also have great strengths and interests. That is why I am more excited than ever to be collaborating on a new set of guidelines that will help adults find games that build on those strengths and interests. I believe that everyone needs to experience competency and be valued for what makes them unique, since we are all our own snowflake. And, children with autism deserve to be celebrated and encouraged to pursue their passions and grow their skills.
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Learning is simply more fun when you’re learning with SimplyFun®. I hope you’ll share this information with educators and parents that you know that have children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Did you know April is Autism Awareness Month?