Traveling Lighter With My Acer Iconia 8

June 11, 2015

It’s expensive to fly, and it’s more expensive to check luggage. In recent years, I try to just pack in my carry-on if at all possible. It isn’t easy and I sometimes have to make difficult decisions about what to take. The last two trips I had to forego taking my beloved DSLR because I took my MacBook, and I just didn’t have room. I’m a bit of a photo geek, so it is really tough to settle for taking pictures that are less than perfect. My iPhone takes good photos, but they aren’t great for a photographer who is picky about her work. I can trim my clothes and makeup down, but with electronics you either take something or you don’t. I was offered the chance to try the Acer Iconia 8 and I never imagined it could replace my laptop when traveling, but could it?

acer iconia 8


My MacBook is kinda ancient; I have the discontinued 17-inch MacBook Pro. I love its large screen, but that combined with the older battery technology makes it heavy. It takes up the bulk of space in any shoulder bag that it’s carried in, and it’s quite cumbersome. It weighs well over 6 lbs. I really don’t open it much, just to check work email and to update my blog. You can compare the size of the two in the photos above and below.

acer iconia 8

When I received my Acer Iconia 8, I was surprised at how portable it was. The screen is plenty large enough for easy viewing. I can access many of my regularly used applications and websites when I’m connected to the internet. It’s so light, even when in the leather case that I ordered. I love that it fits easily into my purse and I don’t need to carry a separate bag. I can load photos to Instagram, check out what my friends are sharing on Facebook, post a few new pins to Pinterest, or browse my Twitter feed without doing it on my tiny iPhone 6 screen. In comparison, the screen on my Acer Iconia 8 doesn’t seem much smaller than my fiance’s 13-inch MacBook Air.

acer iconia 8 tablet

I realized that if I didn’t carry my huge laptop, I would have room for my DSLR. While I’m traveling, there are no functions I needed to perform on my computer that I couldn’t on my Acer Iconia 8 tablet. My tablet can be easily carried while we are out touring, and I don’t have to lock it in the room safe like I would my laptop.

It also offers a great back up camera in case the batteries in my camera or phone go dead.

I brought my laptop as back up on this trip, but I’ll be bringing it back a souvenir on my next trip. You can check out Intel’s line of tablets by clicking this link or visiting any of the links in this post.
Do you have any travels plans in the near future?




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