Disney’s Inside Out Wall Art Tutorial

June 25, 2015

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Last year, I received a weekly report from Gabe’s preschool teacher; one of the items they were assessed on was their ability to control their emotions appropriately. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t put much thought into assessing or acknowledging appropriate emotional responses in my preschooler. He expressed emotions such as sadness, joy, and anger, but I wasn’t sure if his response was always appropriate? I struggled with figuring out how to talk with and an explain emotional responses, which are vital to a child’s development. Disney’s latest cartoon Inside Out discusses many of the main emotions that a child (and adult) feels. We went to the drive-in last weekend to watch the movie and he was mesmerized by the characters. It wasn’t until we were browsing at our local Walmart last week and he spotted the Disney’s Inside Out merchandise that I realized how much he had absorbed from the movie. Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for making wall art/plush holder using merchandise from the Disney’s Inside Out toy line.


When Gabe spotted the Inside Out toys he immediately remembered all of the characters names and started talking about their characters. He said things like, “This is anger, and this is face I make when I’m angry.” I purchased a few toys including some of the plush characters.

Disney's Inside Out

The Disney’s Inside Out characters are useful because you can get your child to talk about their emotions and how they can appropriately express those emotions. I want Gabe to understand that it’s okay to feel sad or fearful, and he can talk to me about why he feels those emotions.

Inside Out Anger Canvas

You can recreate the same Disney’s Inside Out Wall Art for your own child (or classroom). This would be especially fun if a child wanted a Disney’s Inside Out themed bedroom, and you wanted inexpensive and creative wall art. I’m including cut files in case you would like to create an individual canvases for each character with the character’s name on it. You could do up to 6 canvases, or just one so your child can display their current mood.

Disney’s Inside Out Wall Art Tutorial


  • Disney’s Inside Out plush characters
  • Velcro rectangular patches (I used industrial strength)
  • 16×20 canvas
  • Vinyl and cutting machine or stencils and paint
  • optional: needle and thread to reinforce velcro


  • Using a cutting machine and the images provided below, cut out vinyl.
  • Center vinyl to the top of the canvas and adhere.
  • Alternately you can use a stencil (or free hand if you’re skilled enough) and paint words on canvas
  • Adhere the rough side of the velcro to the canvas and press firmly to secure
  • Adhere the soft side of the velcro to the back of the plush character, pressing firmly. You can also use a needle and thread to reinforce the adhesive.
  • Hang canvas(es).


Disney's Inside Out Wall Art

Disney's Inside Out canvas

Disney's Inside Out

Inside Out Joy


Inside Out Fear


inside out disgust


Inside Out SADNESS

Please feel free to click on any of the 6 images above and save those files for use creating the canvases.

If you already have plush characters all over your house and your child’s bed, this is a great way to clean them up, store them, and create some really cool wall art for their room.

The plush characters are available in the toy aisle of your local Walmart, along with lots of other Inside Out themed toys. Gabe particularly fell in love with the Tomy Toy character sets. He was interested in the “core memory” balls, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to see the movie! We purchased the Console that included Joy, Sadness, and Anger, but I believe we’re gonna have to go back for Disgust, Fear, and Bing Bong (he’s been singing the Bing Bong song).

Inside Out toys

Inside Out Joy toy

inside out anger toy

Disney Inside Out

Have you seen Inside Out yet? Do you talk to your children about emotions?




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  1. I am slightly obsessed with sadness – I have her on my desk and I want to be her for Halloween . . .haven’t even seen the movie yet – LOL

  2. We LOVED the movie. It really helped my youngest son recognize that when he gets angry, he needs to talk about it. He’s already really great with Sadness. When he feels sad, he asks for a hug – it’s the cutest thing. Now I just need for him to learn how to deal with his anger emotions and I’d be a super happy mommy! This is a major cute piece of wall art, and I love that it’s interactive! #client

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