Airing Out Our Dirty Laundry

June 15, 2015

We have so much dirty laundry; I’m not sure how three people could dirty so much laundry. I average a load of towels a day, and about 9 loads of assorted clothes per week. I can’t keep up with daily laundry, so I’ve been known to do several loads over the course of a few hours and pile them onto my folding table. I normally buy the economy size detergent and watch it quickly disappear. I was happy to discover a new laundry detergent (at least new to me), method laundry detergent doesn’t disappear as quickly as the rest.

method laundry detergent

method laundry detergent

Did I tell you that this tiny little capful does an entire load of laundry? One bottle of method laundry detergent can do 66 loads. It might not prevent me from doing as many loads of laundry, but it does help keep me from shopping for laundry detergent as frequently.

method laundry detergent

Did I mention all the smells? Boys create lots of smells which aren’t easily masked. I love the spring garden scent from method laundry detergent. It makes our laundry smell wonderful, and the scent floats around the house. We live on a farm full of critters that often contribute to the unsightly smell, so I appreciate any product that can make the house smell better. method laundry detergent has a scent for just about every preference: they have great scents like ginger mango, spring garden, beach sage and fresh clover, and free and clear.

method laundry detergent

Apparently our cat Tucker likes the smell too (or maybe it’s the warm, soft laundry).

tucker cat

The new 4x concentrated formula of method laundry detergent is tough on dirt and on stains. I can remove dirt from Jeremy’s farm clothes, and stains from Gabe’s often grass-stained sports uniforms. It keeps colors bright and our whites looking white.

method even collaborated with ASOS to create a fashion forward lineup that is washing machine friendly (Think dresses that don’t need dry cleaning).

Interested in trying method laundry detergent? You can use the code THREEFORME to get $3 off your online purchase of method here.

I’ve shared my dirty laundry, now I wanna hear about your dirty laundry; how many loads do you do per week?







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