Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor Review

April 14, 2016

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It’s hard to believe that my son Gabe is already 6 years old. It seems like only yesterday that he was a nursing baby. I’m already starting to forget all those sleepless nights of feeding, changing diapers, and rocking him back to sleep, or am I? lol I’m pretty sure when he was three months old, I had sworn off ever having another baby; the exhaustion had really started to sink in, and I wasn’t sure how I would manage the months ahead.

I didn’t have a baby monitor with Gabe, and I’m sure I would have gotten more rest if I had. He slept in our room, and I woke up whenever he made the slightest noise. I’m getting married in 3.5 weeks, and my fiance and I hope to have another baby or two together. Ahead of this next child we were starting to read up on a review or two of monitors, but then we found something we really wanted to give a go. I was excited to try out the new Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor, so I would be a little less anxious about having number 2.

As you can see on Long Distance Baby Monitors | Buying Guide for Parents, there are A LOT more options for long distant and smart baby monitors nowadays which is brilliant for giving mothers peace of mind that their child is ok, even when they’re away from home. The main thing I learnt last time is how important sleep is for both the baby and the mother. We might even hire someone like these infant sleep specialists to really help us establish a sleep routine and talk us through what the various noises mean so we don’t immediately spring up in a panic every time the baby makes a sound. But I’m getting ahead of myself… back to the monitor.


The Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor was easy to set up and use. Jeremy had it installed in a matter of minutes, and spent the next 10 trying to get our cats to acknowledge the camera. If you’re having/expecting twins anytime soon, you may be concerned about having to buy two monitors (if you cant fit the cots side by side). There are some nifty devices you can purchase, specifically to tackle this problem, so don’t fret! Check out CuteLittleDarling to read a great article about the best baby monitor for twins.

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baby's journey baby monitor

baby's journey smart sync baby monitor review

This new baby monitor line was developed by Baby’s Journey and AT&T to store and provide instant information on your baby’s health and wellness. You can access the baby monitor two ways, either through the Smart Sync 5″ Internet Viewable Touch Screen Video Monitor included with the kit or by downloading the free AT&T Smart Sync Mobile App.

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AT&T Smart Sync Mobile AppThe Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor features the Log & Track function, this allows parents to easily record baby’s feedings, weight, height, sleep, diaper changes and medicine reminders. I think the medicine reminders is my favorite function. Gabe recently had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. He needed medication every 4 hours, and it’s easy to lose track of when you’ve administered it. It allowed me to monitor just set reminders and even Gabe noticed when I received a medication reminder. It can be dangerous to over administer medication in a small child, but it’s also hard to control a fever if you wait too long.

baby's journey It also has enabled Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in rechargeable battery, easy night viewing with infrared LED’s and compatibility with any service provider. Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor is an intelligent way to monitor your baby. The monitor and app automatically sync, so you seamless move from the monitor to your app enabled device.

This monitor could easily be used beyond infant years. I plan to relocate this into my son’s bedroom for now, and use it to monitor him while he’s playing. I know when he’s quiet, he’s likely into something that he shouldn’t be. It will allow me to check on him without disturbing his playtime.

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So have you ever used a baby monitor? What key features are important to you? If you’re in the market for a baby monitor check out the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor, they’re available online and in-store at Babies”R”Us locations. You can also check out their products on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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