Do You Need A Doctor On Demand?

Doctor On Demand
May 9, 2016

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Do you recall an age when doctor’s made house calls? Doctor On Demand is a service that allows a medical professional to make a digital house call. The medical field is advancing quickly, and the digital age is encouraging that. Doctor On Demand physicians can diagnose and treat specific conditions like allergies & asthma, acne or other skin issues, and can provide prescription refills right all while talking to you through video from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with an internet connection. You can read about my experience using Doctor On Demand, and check out an offer for $10 off your first Doctor On Demand visit.

Doctor On Demand

About 2 weeks ago, I started experiencing the worst allergy symptoms of my entire life. My wedding was this past weekend. I was so busy trying to prep and get my professional work done, I had no time to spend half a day running back and forth to my doctor’s office. My over-the-counter allergy medicines were not working, and I felt like I was drowning in mucus. I didn’t want to walk down the aisle blowing my nose or coughing excessively. Doctor On Demand can be scheduled when you suspect you’re having allergies.

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You can schedule appointments with board certified physicians and psychiatrists, and doctorate level psychologists using a smartphone, tablet, or computer that’s connected to the internet. The average wait time to see a Doctor On Demand physician is 3 minutes, which might take less time than calling just to try to schedule an appointment with your family physician or specialist. Potential patients just need to download the app or visit their website, and provide a list of their symptoms; they will then be connected for a video visit. Medical visits are $40 or less, which isn’t much more than a co-pay. Doctor On Demand is also included with some health plans or covered by employers. Patients can find out their out of pocket costs when they register for Doctor On Demand.

Doctor On Demand

Maybe you’re out of sick days at work and you don’t have time off to see a physician during normal operating hours? Check out Doctor On Demand for your non-emergency medical needs. You can use the code

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SOUTHERN10 for $10 off your first visit. 

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