How To Make Summer Days Last Longer

May 31, 2016

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco for Acorn Influence, however all opinions are entirely my own.

I love the late spring, summer, and early fall months in Kentucky. The days are longer and warmer, and we spend most of our time outside. I really hate to see each day end. I found an easy solution that helps give us more time outside each day. We installed these Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco, and they’re the perfect solution to help us enjoy our time outside by making our summer days last a little longer.

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Many people might think string lights are only for parties, and they can’t withstand daily outside use. Most lights can’t withstand daily outside use, but Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco can. We constructed some temporary posts and attached lights for our outdoor wedding reception on the front lawn earlier this month, and we fell in love with not only the ambiance that the lights provide, but also the added light to make our outdoor space more enjoyable.

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Today I’m explaining how easy these lights are to install on permanent posts.
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In a week or two, I’ll be uploading a post about creating temporary lighting for a party or wedding using moveable posts that my fiance (now husband) and I made for our wedding. If you want to be able to move your lights around, I suggest you keep an eye out for that post as well.

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Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Setting up the Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco only took a few minutes; the bulk of our installation time was from installing the permanent posts.

We live out on a farm in rural Kentucky, and there are no lamp posts or other light sources. When it gets dark on the farm, you only have moonlight or some form of artificial light to guide you. We’ve considered other lighting options before, such as Lampadaire exterieur (outside street lamps, for the record) as a way to help brighten the space, but we wanted something that didn’t take up ground space and lit up the porch area specifically. We also have one other source, but the light on the back of our house only emits a small amount of light, and it certainly isn’t enough to make the space usable after dark.

You wouldn’t believe the difference that the Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco made! They’re impact-resistant, weatherproof, and built for continuous outdoor use. Of course, they can be used indoors or outdoors. Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco come in several lengths, including 12, 24, 36, and 48 feet. These bright LED lights are energy-efficient and if installed properly with the help of skilled light installers like Calibre Connect (you can look for LED lightiing installation in Sydney on the Internet if you want to contact them), it could be possible that you never have to replace them. You can even have the ability to link sets up to 350 feet long.

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Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

This project is easy, but it isn’t as simple as just screwing in a few 2×4’s to use as posts. Where we had existing posts on our deck we were able to attach treated 2×4’s by simply plumbing them with a level and screwing them in place. On the opposite end of the deck, we have no rail, and so we set permanent upright treated 4×4 posts to support the light strands.
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While neither of us are engineers, a 2X4 is not strong enough to perform this task without bending or warping. We dug holes of sufficient depth, plumbed the posts with a level, supported them by screwing in short braces to our existing deck, and pouring concrete around the base. After the concrete set we measured the post length and sawed off the tops to match, installed our hardware, and removed the temporary braces. Also note that our deck wasn’t stained yet because it was recently installed, so we will wait and stain everything at once. We plan to do this after giving everything a final clean using one of the high pressure washers we were recommended by friends who also have decking. Once it is cleaned, the staining can begin. If your deck is already painted or stained, you might want to consider also painting or staining the posts to match.

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Jeremy put in this outside wood brace until the concrete cures. He used a quick set type concrete to permanently anchor the 4×4’s, and attached it to our existing deck.
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Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

You have several options for attaching the light strands to the posts, and I’m going to show you two. Jeremy used an eye bolt with an S hook, washers, and a nut to attach the light strand directly above. You could also use simple screw in hooks as shown in earlier photos.

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Our Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco make our back porch usable late into the night. It isn’t uncommon that you’ll see us sitting out there long after the sun sets.

The project was relatively inexpensive and will provide years of use for entertaining our family and friends. We love our new outdoor entertaining space. The landscape lighting upgrade was definitely something we had been planning for a long time and finally, its done!

Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco

Lots of inspiration for using these Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco in both indoor and outdoor installations can be found over on their website. Maybe you don’t have an existing deck, and you’re looking for ways to brighten the outdoor space on your home.

Read more about a great giveaway for Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco and enter to win using the widget below.

Cafe Lights Giveaway

How would you install the lights if you had a set? Do you have a an indoor or outdoor lighting project that could be completed using Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco? Check back next week to check out the DIY portable lighting posts that we created for our wedding.

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