Gifts That Give Back: Macy’s Heart of Haiti Collection

Macy's Heart of Haiti
May 13, 2016

I received merchandise in exchange for this post, however all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

I’m a true believer that when it comes to purchasing gifts, it’s the thought that you put into it that really counts. When Jeremy and I were still engaged, he told me stories about growing up on a tobacco farm. My family had stopped growing tobacco a generation before I was born, so I didn’t remember the struggles they faced. Jeremy spent most of his free hours helping his family work the tobacco field, and getting it ready for sale. I think it contributed to his strong work ethic, and his inability to ever just sit still and chill. Our farm is now home to cattle, a garden, chickens, and honey bees, and the days of growing tobacco are long gone. We were married on Saturday here on the farm, and I had shopped for a few wedding presents for my Groom for the last couple months. His grandfather always carried a silver dollar in his pocket, and to this day Jeremy does the same. Buying a mint condition silver dollar from the year we were married was a no-brainer, but I wanted something a little more. I was searching for something to remind Jeremy of his childhood, and that he could have as a keepsake. Tobacco related trinkets are hard to find. I actually found a gorgeous handmade Oval Tobacco Leaf Tray from the Heart of Haiti Collection at Macy’s. I knew immediately it was the perfect gift for Jeremy. Just like tobacco had been the livelihood for Jeremy’s family for a few generations, it was also the livelihood for the artisan that made it in Haiti.

Heart of Haiti

Macy’s Heart of Haiti employs 550, which ultimately impacts a few thousand individuals on the island. Out of a population of nearly 10 million people, there are an estimated 400, 000 artisans which rely on crafts and goods as their primary source of income. I feel like my present was important to just Jeremy, but it was important to a family who is trying to thrive in often adverse conditions. The Macy’s Heart of Haiti program employs the “trade not aid” initiative that allows artisans to earn a reasonable income from their crafts. buy amoxil online no prescription

It’s that tray beautiful? It was constructed through a process similar to paper mache, but with tobacco leaves. His was signed by the artisan who made it, and they received half of the wholesale price that it sold for.

heart of haiti

Macy's Heart of Haiti

Macy’s Heart of Haiti products are available in-store at these locations and at

Heart of Haiti

macy's heart of haiti

Many of the artisans are women and mothers who might struggle finding other employment. I loved that I was able to purchase a very thoughtful gift for Jeremy to celebrate our wedding, but I also helped to support a family with my purchase. They have a large selection products that can be found here.

I hope to purchase the Metal Spoon and Fork Wall Art for our home soon. It would be lovely addition to our home, and I could feel good about it. Did you check out the Macy’s Heart of Haiti collection? What pieces did you love? buy celexa online no prescription