LIGHTIFY: The Automated And Adjustable Lighting System

May 12, 2016

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I specifically had our cabinet maker add a light rail under my kitchen cabinets because I eventually wanted under cabinet lights. My grandmother always had them and she used them much like a nightlight in her kitchen. We wouldn’t have to disturb the whole house by turning on the kitchen lights when we wanted a snack or a glass of water late at night. Of course, like many new home owners, certain projects get put on the back burner for whatever reason. I had dozens of other projects that were prioritized over installing lights under my kitchen cabinets. My friend decided to look into timing relay for her floodlights outside and got a bit of automation on that go with that too, it seems to be all the rage these days! I might have to consider it for outside lights as well but I digress. Installing under cabinet lights used to involve lots of wires, bulky lights, and hours of installation.
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The new LIGHTIFY automated and adjustable lighting system by OSRAM SYLVANIA makes it easier than ever to install automated, adjustable, Wifi-enabled, lights.
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Here’s a glimpse of our new LIGHTIFY under cabinet lights, how they function, and how they were installed.


Our LIGHTIFY system probably took less than 15 minutes to install, and the bulk of that time is setting up the Gateway. It’s basically an adapter that plugs into a power outlet and is controlled through Wifi. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen’s outlets, you may want to consider discreet benchtop pop up outlets for a truly modern look that’ll match whatever tech you’re looking to incorporate into the room. You’ll need to download the app to your smartphone, tablet, or other device so that you can control the LIGHTIFY items that are connected to your Gateway. We currently have a few lamps and and our under cabinet LED light strips connected to our system. I hope to add a few more LIGHTIFY bulbs throughout our home, but the garden lighting is at the top of my priority list. The garden can be a particularly dark place to be at night, so the more light we have, the better. Of course, we’ll have to find out what to do and who to contact when it comes to having them installed, as I’m not sure how the underground wiring will work. It may need to be located or repaired before we can do anything with them, so I may need to get in touch with a professional electrician because I have no idea how it works. Until then, I’m just viewing my LED lights in all their glory. You should check out the video I uploaded below if you want to see the range of colors and settings available with the LED light strips or how to use the app. The LED light strips are really beautiful and I reccommend getting some of your own to add warmth to your home. If you are thinking of investing, check out these LED light strips reviews to ensure you get something worth your money.

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LIGHTIFY from OSRAM SYLVANIA has a large selection of compatible lighting products to help make your life easier and more efficient. You can optimize your environment, set a mood, or change up your decor easily with the Wifi enabled app. Many of the products can be used indoors and outdoors, which gives you flexibility adding to your system. You can change accent colors with a couple touches of your screen. The LIGHTIFY Gateway can control up to 50 LIGHTIFY bulbs. The LIGHTIFY app can be controlled remotely, which might come in handy if you want to turn on your lights to convince someone your home. The tunable “white” LIGHTIFY bulbs can go from a relaxing warm white to a bright white that is better for situations that require concentration.

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Check out this brief video I filmed demonstrating our LED Light Strip and system.


You can purchase these products from Amazon and Lowe’s.

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Do you have any automated adjustable lighting in your home? If you had the system, what would be the first lights you would add?

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  1. I would get indoor track lighting for my kitchen. It is so dark in my kitchen.

  2. I would purchase more LIGHTIFY Smart Connected Lighting LED Flexible Strip. 🙂

  3. I would purchase more lighting for under my kitchen cabinets to light up my countertops better.

  4. This lighting system would solve many of my lighting issues, and how easy it is to use would certainly benefit me!

  5. I would get additional outdoor lighting for my backyard. Of topic but, I love your kitchen! I actually am getting my kitchen remodeled and my walls are grey so I thinking of getting white cabinets and now I am definitely going that route!

  6. I would also love the Lightify Smart Connected Lighting LED Garden Spot RGB Outdoor Landscape Lighting for our back yard.

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