Monogram Pillow Sham Tutorial: Buy Versus DIY?

Monogram pillow sham tutorial
August 15, 2016

The last two years have been hard on me; I got engaged, and I couldn’t (well maybe didn’t) want to monogram anything. I’ve heard it’s bad luck to wear or use your married monogram before your wedding, and it kind of looks silly too. Jeremy and I got married in May, and of course, I wanted to monogram everything once we were actually hitched. What is it with southern women and our love of monograms? I actually designed a monogram for the t-shirts that the PTA sells as a fundraiser for the school, and those shirts sold out during our Open House. I had admired some monogrammed bedding, but nearly everything I found was $350+ in a King size. While we were at Haven Conference, I helped with a Cricut class. One of the projects that they made in the class was a monogrammed shadow box, and that was my inspiration for this Monogram Pillow Sham. I originally thought I would use layered HTV vinyl, but I challenged myself to create an iron-on fabric appliqué and hand stitch around the edge. We both have the best pillows for side sleepers so why not treat my pillows with the best pillowcases too? I’m so pleased with how my monogram pillow sham turned out, and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined. I hope you enjoy my Monogram Pillow Sham Tutorial, and you’ll check back to see the rest of my bedding ensemble project.

Monogram pillow sham tutorial

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Monogram pillow sham tutorial

The past three months have passed pretty quickly, I guess because we were unusually busy. Gabe has already started a new school year and Jeremy is about to start teaching fall classes. I enjoy that they’re both home with me during the summer, but I appreciate the extra time I have now to work on projects. buy plavix online no prescription

DIY Monogram pillowcase

Monogram pillow sham

Supply List for the Monogram Pillow Sham Tutorial:


Monogram Pillow Sham Tutorial:

  • Wash the pillow sham/case without fabric softener. If creating a fabric appliqué, wash the fabric too. I urge you not to wash them together, because either might bleed depending on the color.
  • Iron the pillow sham/case once they’re dry and iron the fabric if necessary.
  • Follow the package instructions for the Heat N’ Bond to attach it to your fabric.
  • Allow the fabric to cool before you attempt to cut it with your Cricut and do not remove backing
  • Open up the file below in Cricut Design Space.
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  • Place the bonded fabric on your mat, fabric side up. You can use Heat Transfer Vinyl (also known as HTV or iron-on) vinyl as an alternative to fabric.
  • Check the cut settings on your Cricut and make sure you use the appropriate one.
  • Replace the letters with your initials using these guidelines, left letter is first initial, large middle letter is first letter of your last name, and the right letter is the first letter of your middle name. If you’re creating one for a couple the left letter should be the first letter of the bride’s first name, large middle letter is the first letter of the couple’s last name, and the right letter should be the first letter of the groom’s first name.
  • Double check the size of the letters. I made the left and right letters the exact same size, and these dimensions worked well on a King size pillow sham.
  • Once you’re pleased with the design layout, cut out of the monogram.
  • Weed the vinyl or fabric
  • Carefully place the design on the pillow sham/case.
  • Bond the fabric or the vinyl to the pillow sham/case according to the vinyl or Heat N’ Bond instructions and your iron
  • If you are creating the fabric project, place the pillow case/sham in the embroidery hoop.
  • Using your needle and thread, stitch around the edge of the appliqué using your preferred stitch. You could also machine sew it as an alternative. I used a stem stitch on my pillow case/sham.

You need to make sure that your fabric is thoroughly bonded to the Heat N’ Bond before trying to cut it with the Cricut. I was lazy on my first letter, and I quickly realized that it would destroy the fabric if it wasn’t properly bonded. I also used Heat N’ Bond Ultra which is a little tougher to get your needle through, but I didn’t want to worry about the appliqué coming off. buy premarin online no prescription


Here is a link to my actual project on Cricut. You will need to have access to the Anna’s Fancy Lettering- Hannah font.

DIY Monogram Pillowcase

Stem stitch


Monogram pillowcase tutorial

Monogram pillow sham

I almost have Jeremy’s coordinating sham finished, and I have the duvet monogram cut out. I will have the tutorial to the duvet cover up in a few days if you want to check back. I plan on adding some trim to the pillow shams before I finish the project. I’ll have less than $50 in this project and that includes the duvet set. It was much more economical than ordering the set online, and I could completely customize it to my personal taste.

This would be a great gift idea for a friend or family member getting married, bridesmaid gifts, or even a baby shower, but I wouldn’t work on any of those until you made one for yourself. The hand embroidered appliqué adds a beautiful touch, and I plan to keep this bedding with other family heirlooms.

I hope you found this Monogram Pillow Sham tutorial helpful, and please feel free to leave a comment or send an email if you have any questions.

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