Fast & Fun Ghostly Good Party

October 28, 2016

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I love planning parties. It is one of my favorite things to do. So, when birthdays or special occasions come around, you can be sure that I am the first one getting the ball rolling when it comes to planning. I like to be in charge. But it works out for the best when you see the final product. My parties are amazing (if I don’t say so myself). From organizing something like this dunk tank hire in Perth for all the adults to play with, to hiring bouncy castles and other inflatable toys for the kids, my parties are definitely unforgettable. My next big challenge came when I was in charge of putting together an amazing and memorable party for my son.

My 6 year old is obsessed with Ghostbusters, we’ve watched both the original and the newly version dozens of time. He still gasps ever single time that creepy basement door opens on it his own. He started asking for a Ghostbusters birthday party this year, and asked to be Abby for Halloween (he said it was because she was the only one that really believed in ghosts lol). He’s in a large class, plays several sports, active in Cub Scouts, and we have a large family, so I’m expecting a big party. I would rather that no one felt left out and everyone had a good time. I’ve spent the last few years stressing over birthday party themes and cooking, that I didn’t get to enjoy his parties. This Ghostly Good Party is simple and it can be done inexpensively. I hope you enjoy this Fast & Fun Ghostly Good Party Tutorial.

Ghostly good party tutorial

I would normally photograph party tutorials during the day but because this party has several glow in the dark elements, I photographed it at night. The cupcake slime and the spirit mirrors both glow. I suggest setting out a few flickering battery operated candles and keeping the lights off.


The spirit mirrors are really simple to make and they’re a lot of fun. You can either use cheap large acrylic picture frames or you can put the glow in the dark paint on large acrylic sheets to place in front of mirrors. They’re fun to set behind the table or scatter around the room.

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You can find my recipe for Firehouse Style Chili over on this link. If you don’t draw the connection, both versions of Ghostbusters mention Firehouses.

The Proton Plasma Punch is made with a green powdered drink mix, lemon-lime soda, and tonic water. The tonic water will cause the punch to glow under a black light. A green gelatin also adds a nice touch, and a bit of ooziness to the punch. You can prepare the powdered drink mix for a gallon according to package directions using lemon-lime soda instead of water and add a 1/2 cup of tonic water

The cupcakes are just store bought cupcakes that I used a sparkle green gel icing to slime. You can also brush the buttercream icing with tonic water to for an added bit of glow.

The Marshmallow Man Dip is one softened 8 ounce bar of cream cheese mixed with one 16 ouncle jar of marshmallow cream and a teaspoon of vanilla. It makes a wonderful dip for lots of fruit but my son wanted just strawberries.

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The artichoke dip and the sugar cookies were purchased at the store. I’m becoming less inclined to make everything from scratch.




We picked up the Extended Edition Ghostbusters Answer the Call from our local Walmart. Everyone can crowd around the television and watch the movie while they enjoy their ghostly snacks. The Ghostbusters movie is available on BluRay, DVD and 4k Ultra HD; the extended edition has an extra 15 minutes not seen in theatres and three hours of amusing extras.



The DIY Spirit mirrors add a spooktacular touch to the party. They’re simple enough that you can make a bunch rather inexpensively. I told one of my friends about the Spirit Mirrors and she recreated them for her Ghostbusters Answer The Call themed Trunk or Treat.

DIY Spirit Mirror Tutorial:

Cheap poster frame or acrylic sheets on mirrors

Green glow in the dark craft paint

*I’ve seen people make “sticky” shapes from craft paint and adhered them direct to mirrors. I don’t advise this. We did a craft project several months ago and absolutely ruined a mirror. It didn’t peel off like we were instructed that it would.

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My son put his hand under the clear plastic/acrylic sheets and we traced around making various shapes that look like hands pressing against the glass. We randomly drew a few spirit like faces freehand using the remainder of the craft paint. If using the cheap poster frames with plastic sheets, I recommend lightly spraying black spray paint on the side opposite from the craft paint. It helps hide whatever is behind it, and makes them a bit spookier. You can also lay the acrylic/plastic sheets can also be laid against mirrors, and static electricity helps to keep them adhered.


When the lights are out the hands and faces really glow, and they look remarkably like the spirit mirrors.




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Check out the Ghostbusters trailer here..