Farmhouse Style Wooden Bathroom Sign Tutorial

Wooden bathroom art tutorial
October 27, 2016

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One of the last rooms to be decorated in our newly built home is our bathrooms. We purchased nice vanities and fixtures, and got some great bits and bobs from Factory Buys to decorate with, but I’ve struggled with accessorizing the room. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in a room that we only use a few minutes a day, but I wanted it to reflect the style throughout the rest of our home. Even though we weren’t planning on investing much, one of our friends did tell us that bathroom renovations can increase the overall value of the home. From there, she recommended that we might want to buy frameless shower doors because they’re quite popular in modern bathrooms apparently. A lot of people do always say that having a modern bathroom is an investment, especially because a lot of potential buyers look out for recently renovated bathrooms. If we were going to get those shower doors, we’d probably upgrade our shower too at the same. When doing this, it would probably be best to use Portland plumber Sarkinen Plumbing, or another one more local to your home, to ensure that the shower was installed properly. Whilst a new shower looks nice, it’s something we’ll definitely keep in mind for a later date. However, for now, our main focus was to decorate the bathroom and ensure that it looked good. I found an inexpensive solution for an otherwise boring bathroom by creating this farmhouse style wooden bathroom sign. It cost less than $15 to create and adds a bit of whimsy. There’s nothing overly complicated about this Wooden Bathroom Sign and there are no power tools required if you have a home improvement store cut the wood for you.

Wooden bathroom art tutorial

Bathroom Wall Art Tutorial

The supplies you’ll need for this Wooden Bathroom Sign are:

  • 3 pieces of 6 inch wide by 36 inch long wooden boards that are 1/4 inch thick (each piece should be cut in half to be 18 inches long)
  • 10 small screw eyes
  • 8 screw hooks
  • 2 colors of paint (I used milk paint)
  • Stencils or vinyl lettering
  • Paint brushes

If your boards have any rough edges, lightly sand them down and wipe off with a damp cloth. I cut my own stencils with vinyl using a machine that I own, but you can easily pick up letter stencils or vinyl letters from a craft supply store. I actually reverse stencil my signs, because it helps prevent paint from bleeding. Using this method you would apply a coat of paint on the side of the board that you want lettering on. The paint should be the same color that you want the letters to be. You’ll apply vinyl lettering down and rub lightly across the letters to help secure them. You’ll apply a second coat of paint over that side of the board, painting over the vinyl. The coat will help seal the letters and prevent the top coat from bleeding. When that layer of paint is dry, you’ll put 2-3 coats of the top color paint (in this case yellow) allowing ample time to dry in between. When the paint is completely dry, carefully use tweezers to pull off the vinyl. You should have sharp, clean edges around your lettering. buy sinequan online no prescription

Wooden bathroom wall art tutorial

Wooden bathroom wall art tutorial

Wooden bathroom sign tutorial

Wooden bathroom sign tutorial

To attach the screw eyes and screw hooks, I measured 3 inches from the outer edge of the boards. I used a small nail and hammer to create a pilot hole for each screw. I twisted the screws in until the threads were no longer visible.

The top board requires screw eyes on the top to hang the wooden wall art from. The screw hooks easily attach to the screw eyes to suspend each board.

Wooden wall art tutorial

The yellow adds a pop of color to our bathroom walls and the sign helps remind my 6 year old son about good bathroom habits. buy singulair online no prescription

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Wooden bathroom sign tutorial

Is your bathroom decorated? I hope you found this Wooden Bathroom Sign Tutorial helpful and you might try to recreate it for our own home. Please stop by and check out the new Philips Sonicare Flex Platinum Connected toothbrush available from Bed, Bath & Beyond.


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