Does Your Child Have Allergies? Check Out The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit

The Smart Mom Allergy Toolkit
November 4, 2016

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My son has terrible seasonal allergies related to certain plants, which is rough on someone who loves playing outside and lives on a working farm. Every year he comes out in hives and we spend what seems forever trying to find a hives treatment that works for him. We have used Claritin for several years now to help make his allergy symptoms more manageable. Does your child suffer from allergies? If your child does or you suspect they have allergies, you should check out The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit created by the makers of Children’s Claritin®. It has lots of information for parents and caregivers about allergies.

The Smart Mom Allergy Toolkit

Did you see the adorable photo of Gabe in the grass?
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He’s being photobombed by a cow. We were helping to check on cows here on the cattle farm. I think it would have been harder to take this photo if we weren’t managing Gabe’s allergies with the help of Children’s Claritin®.

Do you know the difference between the symptoms of a cold and allergies? Do you know where to find local pollen counts so that you can help your child manage their allergy symptoms? The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit has a wide variety of resources to help you, help your child. They also have tips for planning out conversations with healthcare providers about possible allergies and questions to ask your child’s healthcare professional.

Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit


My son was 2 years old when our pediatrician suggested that we use Children’s Claritin to help with his allergies. You can learn more about pediatricians here because they are an important part of your child’s health. Now Gabe is active in soccer, baseball, and Cub Scouts, and we don’t have to stress over outdoor activities. Children’s Claritin helps to relieve his symptoms.

Children’s Claritin is the#1 Pediatrician recommended non-drowsy oral allergy brand for children over two years of age. It provides non-drowsy relief that lasts all day. Children’s Claritin is available in liquid (grape) and chewable (grape and bubble gum) form. It can be used for both outdoor seasonal allergies and indoor year round allergies.
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Children’s Claritin has helped my son enjoy life. We get to roll in the grass, hike in the mountains, and play ball without being held back by allergy symptoms.

There are other steps that we take to help our son too. For example, do you have an air conditioning unit in your home? If so, it is vital that you get your AC system cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. The vents in your AC unit provide the perfect place for potentially harmful allergens to gather and over time, a build up of these allergens can aggravate any existing allergies. Therefore, if your allergies seem to be getting worse, it might be worth reaching out to an HVAC specialist for some advice.
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You could always contact experts like WireNut Home Services (check out their service page at However, if their services are not available in your area, its wise to call in your nearest HVAC expert.

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Some friends of ours that live in Australia recently had their AC system serviced and cleaned by a fantastic electrician. Apparently all they had to do was research ‘electrician oakleigh‘ online and they found an electrician that specialised in AC systems in minutes. Finding service providers online is easier, nonetheless, it is a good idea to keep the contacts of service providers handy, in case of emergencies such as these.



Does your child suffer from allergies or do you know a parent/caregiver of a child who does? I hope you’ll share the resources available in the Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit, and look for the $3 off Children’s Claritin on the toolkit site.

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