Raised In A Barn Design Space File

raised in a barn design space file
December 15, 2016

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When I first started working on this post, I made a huge typo. I shortened the file name and the permalink without even noticing. I titled the post, “Raised in a Bar,” which is quite a bit different from being “raised in a barn.” I’m just glad I caught it before I hit publish, and I’ll blame the error on pregnancy brain. It can easily be resized in Design Space to fit various shirt sizes from newborn to adult; someone had even requested I cut a vinyl stencil to create wall art using this Raised in a Barn Design Space File. I think it would be equally cute on a tote for a farmer, 4-H leader/parent or anyone that appreciates farm life.

raised in a barn design space file

I created this file for our pregnancy announcement, but I had been too sick to actually cut and iron-on the design. I had hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) during my pregnancy with Gabe. I hoped that I wouldn’t have it during this pregnancy, but those hopes were quickly dashed. Even with medication, I’m sicker than I remember being with Gabe. Right now, I’m working on keeping myself hydrated and reminding myself that we’ll have a new baby when this is over.
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We started to use the picture above for our actual announcement, but our heifer Ali photobombed another photo that was hilarious; she was a big hit.

raised in a barn design space file

raised in a barn design space file

When I was a little girl, I remember my family members shouting, “Some left the light on. Were you raised in a barn?” I feel many kids would be lucky to be “raised in a barn” now. Fewer kids are spending time outside playing and very few actually know where their food comes from other than the grocery store. I’m thankful that Gabe has helped us in the garden, gets to eat farm fresh eggs from our chickens, and he occasionally goes with us to look after livestock. All jokes aside though, I love spending time in our barns. There is something very relaxing about watching all of our farm animals going about their daily business. It is no wonder that so many people are now deciding to live in barn style homes! If you have the available land, and live on a farm, then a barn home could be the perfect solution for you. Just make sure to read this useful guide to pole barn homes first, as it might be the case that a steel outbuilding could be a better alternative to a barn constructed from poles.

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But first, look at this gorgeous photo! So cute.


Here’s what the actual file looks like in Design Space and here is the link to the Raised in a Barn Design Space File. I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine to cut the design. I’m using it for several Christmas gifts and projects this year.
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You could also go in an add other farm animals in around the scene.

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raised in a barn design space file

The tutorial is simple:

  • Make sure you lay the correct side of the vinyl on your cutting mat
  • Adjust your setting for vinyl or heat transfer vinyl
  • Always remember to “mirror-image” if you’re using heat transfer vinyl
  • Adhere it to the desired surface based upon the package instructions

raised in a barn design space file

were you raised in a barn?

raised in a barn design space file

I hope you’re able to use this Raised in a Barn Design Space file to create something. If you do use it and you use Instagram, please tag me @asouthernmother; I would love to check out your take on the design.
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Happy Crafting!

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