Odds & Ends Of Holiday Giving and Entertaining

November 21, 2017

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Gift shopping can either be really easy or really difficult. There are always some friends and family that you have trouble shopping for. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a theme they like and running for it. For example, a dog lover may like something like this silver whippet pendant, or something for their pooch as well. However I still have a few people on my shopping list that I really struggle to find the perfect holiday gift. One of those people is my husband. I know lots of things about him but a lot of those ideas I once had have run dry. However, after looking at some reviews on websites like Wristcritic, I think I might actually know what to buy him this year. For the people you may want to spend less on, gift buying can be a little more difficult. That’s why I’ve created this post! Today I’m sharing a few ideas to help you find a great holiday gift for the pickiest people on your list; here’s a simple guide to the odds & ends of holiday giving and entertaining.
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holiday giving

The first suggestion on my list will satisfy just about anyone. It’s perfect as a holiday gift, to send to a party hostess, or even as the center piece of your holiday buffet. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered fruit? Why not consider Edible Arrangements? They make beautiful fresh fruit bouquets and chocolate dipped fruit. This makes a great Thanksgiving dessert or a gift to a party hostess.

edible arrangements

We received an Autumn Harvest Fruit Dipped Trio™ which was filled with:

  • Chocolate dipped strawberries with festive orange swizzle
  • Chocolate and caramelized hazelnut covered bananas
  • Salted caramel apple wedges

It arrived in a ice packed box ready to serve.

You can use the two codes listed below through 11/22/17 to save on your next Edible Arrangements:

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements

Don’t forget the pets in your life. A house entertaining holiday guests can be full of wonderful food smells that might be tempting to pets. Table scraps are never a good idea. Some foods can cause digestive upset in pets, but certain ingredients can be poisonous. Solid Gold Pet carries a line of delicious grain free treats dog and cat treats. Our Kitty Dog loved the Solid Gold Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats with Turkey, Sweet Potato and Cinnamon. We do stockings for our pets during the holidays and these treats make a fun addition. I like to watch Kitty sniff her stocking. buy aceon online https://bloonlineandnew.com/aceon.html no prescription

grain free dog treats

They’re also great for obedience training. Kitty received a reward for her solid down stay.

solid gold grain free dog treats

A fun addition to this list is a gift that give back. Have you heard of a company called Petlanthropy? I received a $50 gift card to donate to a shelter/organization of my choice on their list. I chose to donate to the Danville-Boyle County Humane Society because it’s a rural shelter that could use the financial support. The website also includes lists of adoptable pets near you and ways to support local animal shelters or pet welfare organizations. You can purchase a gift card for an animal lover in your life and allow them to donate to a shelter/organization of their choice.


Does someone you know love fresh cocktail recipes? If so, I have the perfect cocktail recipe book to recommend. Clean Cocktails for the Modern Mixologist is the perfect addition to any hostesses entertaining library. Several recipes in the book have pitcher size cocktail recipes to make holiday prep even easier. It’s written by holistic health coaches Beth Ritter Nydick and Tara Roscioli. The recipes utilizes ingredients such as low calorie spirits, fresh fruit juices, and spices. The book is beautifully photographed and it’s great to leave on a table for browsing. buy aciphex online https://bloonlineandnew.com/aciphex.html no prescription

clean cocktails for the modern mixologist

clean cocktails for the modern mixologist

Every good cocktail starts with a great base. I absolutely loved the Sipp Sparkling Organic Drink that I received in my Thanksgiving Babble Box. It was a delicious Mojo Berry craft soda. You could taste the blackberry, mint and lime flavors. I think it would be fantastic mixed into a cocktail for holiday entertaining. I enjoyed mine chilled and straight from the can. Sipp Organics blends fruits, herbs and agave to make a refreshing line of slightly sweet sparkling beverages.

Are you entertaining much during this holiday season? So far my family and I have four Thanksgiving dinners to attend, and no plans to shop on Black Friday unless it’s in my pjs on the couch. Thanks for letting me ramble on about the fun items I received in my Thanksgiving Babble Box. I hope you’ll take a few minutes and check out some of the products that I wrote about, and let me know if you try them.

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