How to Make Your Home More Inviting During the Holidays

How to Make Your Home More Inviting During the Holidays
December 8, 2017

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Are you expecting company during the holiday season? It’s fun to spend time with friends and family, and we enjoy regularly hosting my family from out of town. Today I’m sharing a few easy ways that you can quickly get your home ready for guests and how to make your home more inviting during the holidays. Sometimes, these ways to make your home more inviting are bigger than expected. One year, our roof was actually in need of a repair and I knew it needed fixing before any visitors came to stay, especially during the colder and slightly damper months. After looking for recommendations, some that suggested I head to Florida Southern Roofing, some that suggested using the most local company to me… the list was endless. But once we had it sorted, I felt much more comfortable about having guests to stay in a house that wasn’t under a damaged roof.

How to Make Your Home More Inviting During the Holidays

My house is in disarray at the moment. There’s an assortment of baby gear scattered around my home. We never know who’s going to drop in for a visit or if some of my family are going to drive over to spend a night or two. Stressing over getting your house ready for company can completely spoil a visit, so I’ve created a list of things to help prep go smoothly. Have you ever stayed with someone and they made you feel “at home”? I want everyone who stays with us to be relaxed and enjoy their visit. I often stage our guest bedroom similar to a hotel. On top of the usual guest preparations such as putting clean linens on the bed, I’ll put out snacks, toiletries, books, and various other items. This is what I do most years or any other time that I have guests to stay over, but this year, just before the holidays too, one of the spotlights I have in the guest room broke on me.
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So I had to look at sites like to get a professional in ASAP to come and fix it for me before my guests arrived, and luckily, the problem was solved just in time.

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Anyways, once that palaver was out of the way, I switch on the air conditioner to cool the room, as it is mostly humid in our region. I got a new AC installed recently because our old one wasn’t very efficient nor power-saving. You can also consider installing a quality AC in your guest room by calling an HVAC professional such as the ones at No Problem Heating and Cooling / AC installation in St. Charles or any other reputed one near you. Other than a functional AC, one of the quickest ways we freshen up the home for holiday guests is to use candles or some form of air freshener. Regarding that, some of my friends recommended me to check out fragranced tea lights that can help in creating ambience and transforming the indoor space quickly. I was also told to look for a wax melts burner that can not only hold the tealights but can also add a touch of sophistication to any indoor space. Honestly, I was a bit tempted to purchase these products, but then I thought to keep this idea aside and use it the next time! Who knows someday you might just me posting the pictures of a beautiful burner and tealights!

I also try to keep an assortment of Glade® jar candles, PlugIns® air freshener, aerosols, and automatic spray units to help our home stay smelling fresh. They have a new line of limited edition holiday fragrances.
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It includes fragrances such as Tree Lighting Wonder™, Cozy Cider Sipping™, Candy Sprinkling Joy™, and Frosting With Love™, with the tagline
Magic, We Have A Fragrance For That™. We have three cats and two dogs, and I try to keep our home from smelling like our pets. Glade® products make it easier to mask a recently-used litter box. The Glade® automatic spray can help cover bathroom odors, while PlugIns® air fresheners make the main room in our home smell inviting. My favorite Glade® product is the simple glass jar candles, which can quickly fill a room with fragrance that lingers after the candle is snuffed out.
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How to Make Your Home More Inviting During the Holidays

How to Make Your Home More Inviting During the Holidays

Holiday house guest checklist:

  • Ask your houseguest about possible allergies
  • Clean the bedroom and dust
  • Empty space in the closet and chest
  • Wash bed linens
  • Lay out an extra blanket and a selection of pillows
  • Create a basket of travel essentials
  • Place towels and wash cloths in the room
  • Leave a few snacks and bottles of water
  • Consider providing some reading materials or other activity
  • Write down your WiFi network and password
  • Provide a notepad and some pens
  • Give your houseguest a spare key
  • Write down pertinent information in case of an emergency
  • Consider sending guests home with a memento from their visit

How to Make Your Home More Inviting During the Holidays

How to Make Your Home More Inviting During the Holidays

I picked up our Glade® products from our local Kroger store while I was shopping for supplies to stock our pantry for guests. They had a great selection of products and scents including the Glade® Holiday Limited Edition Fragrances. I even picked up an extra Glade® Tree Lighting Wonder™ jar candle to send home with my aunt to remind her of the visit.
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We will cherish the memories decorating our freshly cut tree. Be on the lookout for Glade® Holiday Limited Edition Fragrances on display at your local Kroger store now!

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Are you expecting guests this holiday season? What do you do to make your home more inviting during the holidays?