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August 9, 2014

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft®

#sheetoutofluckWhile at BlogHer 2014 in San Jose, I visited the Angel Soft® booth to share my most embarrassing #SheetHappens moments. We were redefining the phrase “potty mouth,” I filmed my conversation sitting on a toilet. 

Here is one of the stories I shared: 

Have you ever been completely #SheetOutOfLuck? I have… About 2 hours from home, in the car.

My son was recovering from a nasty stomach bug. Jeremy was driving and we were trying our best to amuse 4.5 year old Gabe.

I will be frank, Jeremy can be crude at times. I’m not sure why someone with a Ph.D finds fart jokes so amusing.

Jeremy asked Gabe to pull his finger, which he did several times, but there was no noise to let Gabe know it was a successful pull. 

Gabe, in a very scolding tone, said, “Jeremy you didn’t fart.”

Jeremy replies, “You just didn’t hear it.”

“Was it invisible?” Gabe asked. 

Without blinking, Jeremy replied, “I sure hope so.”

I erupted into laughter, but it turned out to be short lived. 

Gabe asked Jeremy to pull his finger in return.

I knew that was a bad idea, but before I could get out the word “no!”, #SheetHappened. 

Gabe burst into tears, and I was trying to comfort him while scolding Jeremy. It turns out Gabe wasn’t quite over his bug, and as Jeremy likes to say, it was an electric fart–it had juice.

We were in the middle of nowhere with no toilet paper and no underwear.  Well, none that we hadn’t already been wearing.

We were completely #SheetOutOfLuck.

The closest gas station restroom had one stall, one ply toilet paper, and no trash can (ew!!!). 

We headed back to the car with slightly soiled underwear feeling a little less than dignified, vowing to never leave home without toilet paper again. And we have started to abide by Jeremy’s uncle Wally’s longstanding advice: never trust a fart.

It wasn’t my “shining moment” as a mother. 


BlogHer and Angel Soft

While I was participating in my #SheetHappens interview Patrick Quinn from Life of Dad snuck around and snapped this photo. I am anxious to see the video that we recorded, and thankful that my son is only 4.5 years old (I’m pretty sure I would face some form of retaliation if he was just a bit older). 

The booth was a great way to get BlogHer attendees talking about those embarrassing moments when you are #SheetOutOfLuck. I had no problem talking #sheet that day! My son loved his “tiny little toilet” and every loved the free toilet paper coupons, we are all stocked up to move into our new home. 

clever housewifeangel soft

My BlogHer roommates Shannon from The Mommy-Files and Emily from Clever Housewife  filming at the Angel Soft booth in the left photo and my prized “tiny toilet” on the right.

You will have to wait to see my #SheetHappens video but here is another great one from Angel Soft®

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If you won a year supply of toilet paper you wouldn’t be #SheetOutOfLuck. Share your favorite #SheetHappens moments and enter through Rafflecopter to win a year supply of Angel Soft® toilet paper. 

Disclaimer: I received product and monetary compensation for this post however all opinions 
contained herein are my own. 

#SheetsAndGiggles by Angel Soft® so you aren’t #SheetOutOfLuck

July 21, 2014
This post is sponsored by Angel Soft®

So #SheetHappens… I’m talking about those uncomfortable moments in the bathroom when you realize that you are out of toilet paper. If you are lucky, those moments happen at home when you have someone who will hear your cry for help. My last #SheetHappens moment was at my son’s soccer game. I needed to use the restroom so bad and I never thought about checking the port-a-pottie for toilet paper.
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My sigh of relief quickly turned into an #OhSheet moment when I realized there was no toilet paper. This always seems to be the case, especially in public restrooms. Toilet paper seems to disappear quite quickly. Sometimes, this is due to people using too much toilet paper when they go to the restroom. Not only does this cause #OhSheet moments for the next user, but it also can lead to clogged toilets if too much toilet paper is used. This happened to a friend of mine, but she was able to call out a plumbing company to unclog the pipes, allowing her toilet to flush again. She contacted to fix her toilet. If people carry on flushing too much toilet roll, they’ll also have to contact some plumbers.

Anyway, my son recently had an awkward bathroom experience. We were coming home from a trip to Chicago and due to traffic our 7 hour road trip took close to 9.5 hours. Everyone in the car needed a break and we stopped by a restaurant with an indoor playground for lunch. My 4.5 year old son Gabe needed to use the restroom. An older lady I estimated to be in her 70’s followed us into the restroom and we held the door for her. There were only two restrooms in the bathroom and she entered the stall next to us.
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It is hard to politely describe the noises that came from her stall. She was having some obvious intestinal discomfort, and let out a very noisy fart followed by a rather loud sigh of relief. #SheetHappens and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but I have a very kind and outgoing son. Gabe yells out across the stall, “Do you feel better?” I know she heard him, and I tried my best to keep from laughing and prevent him from realizing that she had ignored him. Gabe was just being polite and I was completely mortified. We waited patiently until she left the bathroom because I couldn’t bear to face her or chance that Gabe would look her in the eye to ask if she was okay. I was thankful that it wasn’t a true #SheetHappens moment; could you imagine how embarrassing it would have been if either of us didn’t have toilet paper in our stall?
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I have partnered with Angel Soft® on their #SheetOutOfLuck video campaign to discuss those embarrassing #SheetHappens moments and how Angel Soft® can help you prevent them. 
Check out more #SheetOutOfLuck videos here
Angel Soft® wants to prevent one lucky Blog of a Bluegrass Belle reader from having a #SheetHappens moment for an entire year; you would be hard pressed to find yourself #SheetOutOfLuck if you won a year’s supply of Angel Soft® toilet paper! I will be hosting a giveaway sponsored by Angel Soft® for a year’s supply of Angel Soft® in the weeks ahead. 
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Are you going to #BlogHer14 in San Jose, California? Angel Soft® is an official sponsor and they have a booth (#201). You can stop by to participate in some fun booth activities and meet their team.

Disclaimer: I received financial compensation for this post from Angel Soft® however all opinions contained herein are entirely my own.

Ten Things You Should Know About Me

July 22, 2013

This list is for my new BlogHer friends, we are trying to get to know each other!

1. I have a very strong southern accent, and it is okay to ask me to repeat something.  I try to talk slow. 
2. I attended the same college that my great grandmother did.  She graduated in 1933.  Impressive huh?
3. I am in the middle of a divorce. (Uh-Oh!) 
4. I have a 3.5 year old son who is my absolute joy in life.  
5. I have braces on my teeth, and they make me look much younger than I am.  
6.  I am a runner, actually a marathoner.  
7.  I am very opinionated and frankly it gets me into trouble.  
8.  I love social good, and helping others.  
9.   I auditioned for HLN’s Raising America at Mom2Summit and I got a segment.  
10.  I am a Champion for the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign.  I advocate for global        vaccine access.  I have made so many friends who are kinda like family now through the campaign.  Ask me how you can get involved!  
You can link up to Steph’s original post over on A Grande Life

Happy Manic Monday,