Apple Shadow Box: Teacher Appreciation Gift

May 5, 2017
Apple Shadow Box

I’m the queen of procrastination right now; I’ll blame pregnancy hormones. I meant to start this project several weeks ago, but I was preoccupied with getting ready for a new baby. This Apple Shadow Box is super simple to make if you have all of the supplies, and it shouldn’t take long to put together. I think it makes a cute Teacher Appreciation Gift. I created the template in Cricut Design Space already. You will just need to gather the required supplies, fill in the teacher and student names in the template, and assemble the Apple Shadow Box.

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Raised In A Barn Design Space File

December 15, 2016
raised in a barn design space file

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When I first started working on this post, I made a huge typo. I shortened the file name and the permalink without even noticing. I titled the post, “Raised in a Bar,” which is quite a bit different from being “raised in a barn.” I’m just glad I caught it before I hit publish, and I’ll blame the error on pregnancy brain. It can easily be resized in Design Space to fit various shirt sizes from newborn to adult; someone had even requested I cut a vinyl stencil to create wall art using this Raised in a Barn Design Space File. I think it would be equally cute on a tote for a farmer, 4-H leader/parent or anyone that appreciates farm life.

raised in a barn design space file

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DIY Farmhouse Sign & Cricut Supply Giveaway

October 14, 2016
Diy farmhouse sign

Farmhouse style decor is one of the hottest trends in home decorating at the moment. We live in a farmhouse on a farm, so it kinda makes sense for us. I also have a growing collection of family heirlooms and antiques, that fit in with that style. I’ve been adding farmhouse style signs to our house one at a time. I think they look really nice and match our decor amazingly. However, I know some people might not have the time to create their own farmhouse sign. If that’s the case, you could always purchase one from Neon Mama, for example. That would allow homeowners to purchase a neon sign that could add additional light into the home. That’s always easier than making your own, especially if you have no time to spare. However, for those who want to create their own, keep reading. This is my first farmhouse style sign tutorial, and I’ll be adding the others that I’ve designed and made in the next few weeks. I saw something similar in a shop, but couldn’t justify the price tag so set about looking on sites like to try and find out how to make my own. This DIY Farmhouse Sign just requires a few supplies and less than an hour to finish. I’ve also partnered with several other Cricut bloggers to feature some of our projects, and to give away a box of Cricut supplies. The complete details are at the bottom of this post.

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Monogrammed Duvet Tutorial Using Cricut Explore

September 29, 2016
Monogram duvet tutorial

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In a previous post, I discussed my love of monograms. I adore personalization in a home, and monogram bedding adds a nice touch. Customized bedding is very expensive, and I consider myself too frugal to pay the hitch prices. I have just under $50 in materials for the duvet and matching pillow shams. This Monogrammed Duvet Tutorial is very easy. You’ll just need a Cricut Explore, Duvet Set, Fabric, bonding agent, Design Space installed on your computer or other device, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, and basic embroidery skills. This is fantastic for making personalized gifts or even just to add a bit more to your home. If you want to make your duvet a little more festive for the holidays you can look out for Christmas, Halloween and even Easter embroidery designs!

Monogrammed duvet tutorial

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Metal Personalized Pumpkin Tutorial

September 1, 2016

It’s been a stressful few weeks. Jeremy is commuting to two universities to teach, one requires a weekly plane trip and the other an almost 2 hour drive. Gabe is back in school, and he now has sports and Cub Scouts. I’m the official schedule juggler, animal caregiver, and of course, I have to write a lot. This is compounded by the fact that my stepfather has been in and out of the hospital since we left for our honeymoon, and the hospital isn’t local. I feel like I can’t support my mom the way I should, but I can’t be everywhere and do everything. Currently my only stress relieving activity is crafting. I’ve made everything from wall decor, to customized bedding, and this metal personalized pumpkin for our yard. If you already have a Cricut, this project should be a breeze once you find your pumpkin. Yes, my pumpkin is store-bought and if you read on I’m sharing where I found it (on sale). I hope you enjoy this metal personalized pumpkin tutorial, and please share with me if you make your own. buy fluoxetine online no prescription

metal personalized pumpkin tutorial

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Monogram Pillow Sham Tutorial: Buy Versus DIY?

August 15, 2016
Monogram pillow sham tutorial

The last two years have been hard on me; I got engaged, and I couldn’t (well maybe didn’t) want to monogram anything. I’ve heard it’s bad luck to wear or use your married monogram before your wedding, and it kind of looks silly too. Jeremy and I got married in May, and of course, I wanted to monogram everything once we were actually hitched. What is it with southern women and our love of monograms? I actually designed a monogram for the t-shirts that the PTA sells as a fundraiser for the school, and those shirts sold out during our Open House. I had admired some monogrammed bedding, but nearly everything I found was $350+ in a King size. While we were at Haven Conference, I helped with a Cricut class. One of the projects that they made in the class was a monogrammed shadow box, and that was my inspiration for this Monogram Pillow Sham. I originally thought I would use layered HTV vinyl, but I challenged myself to create an iron-on fabric appliqué and hand stitch around the edge. We both have the best pillows for side sleepers so why not treat my pillows with the best pillowcases too? I’m so pleased with how my monogram pillow sham turned out, and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined. I hope you enjoy my Monogram Pillow Sham Tutorial, and you’ll check back to see the rest of my bedding ensemble project.

Monogram pillow sham tutorial

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Personalized Pencil Wall Art Tutorial

May 23, 2016
pencil wall art
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Instead of getting an end-of-year gift for Gabe’s teacher, we generally make a craft type project during Teacher Appreciation Week. This year Teacher Appreciation Week coincided with our wedding week, and I couldn’t get around to it. Last year, I made Gabe’s preschool teacher a Monogrammed Wall Canvas. I had made several wood projects for my wedding, and that inspired me to try my hand at another wood project for Gabe’s kindergarten teacher. A friend of mine showed me some wall art from somewhere like, so I thought it might have been a good idea to give something like that a try. Jeremy had some sassafras planks laying around that had already been planed; I believe a tree fell on the farm, and he likes to salvage everything. I decided it would be fun to create a pencil shape, paint it, and add her name using permanent vinyl. I absolutely love how this Pencil Wall Art turned out, and I doubt this will be the last one that we make. If you don’t count drying time, this project took about 30 minutes of actual working time to complete and a few dollars in craft supplies.

pencil wall art

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