Fall Cooking Essentials: Friday Fresh Picks

October 7, 2016
fall baking essentials

This week I’m joining a few blogging friends in a series entitled, Friday Fresh Picks. You might recognize Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes; she has been a guest blogger on here and we’ve been friends for a little over 3 years. She partnered up with a few other Jersey girls to create this Friday Fresh Picks series several months ago, and they invited me to permanently join in the fun. Friday Fresh Picks is a curated collection of blogger weekly favorites. Our theme this week is fall, and I decide to round-up a few of my favorite Fall Cooking Essentials. Before I show you my first Friday Fresh Picks, I need to properly introduce the rest of the ladies in the group. Hilary is from A Fancy Girl Must, which is a resource for all things fabulous and girly. Shelia is from Pieces of a Mom, and she has lots of great posts about beauty, home, and style. Tina is from Life Without Pink, which is a lifestyle site dedicated to raising her boys. I hope you’ll take a few minutes, and get to know the other ladies. Without further ado, here is my first edition of Friday Fresh Picks: Fall Cooking Essentials.

fall baking essentials

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Fall Table Centerpiece In Under 5 Minutes

October 3, 2016
Fall Table Centerpiece

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I enjoy changing up my table centerpieces regularly. I’ll usually trade items out every month, but that doesn’t mean I’m always buying new decor or table runners. I’m going to share how I set up this Fall Table Centerpiece in under 5 minutes, and tips for saving on seasonal home decor.

Fall Table Centerpiece

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Monogrammed Duvet Tutorial Using Cricut Explore

September 29, 2016
Monogram duvet tutorial

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In a previous post, I discussed my love of monograms. I adore personalization in a home, and monogram bedding adds a nice touch. Customized bedding is very expensive, and I consider myself too frugal to pay the hitch prices. I have just under $50 in materials for the duvet and matching pillow shams. This Monogrammed Duvet Tutorial is very easy. You’ll just need a Cricut Explore, Duvet Set, Fabric, bonding agent, Design Space installed on your computer or other device, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, and basic embroidery skills. This is fantastic for making personalized gifts or even just to add a bit more to your home. If you want to make your duvet a little more festive for the holidays you can look out for Christmas, Halloween and even Easter embroidery designs!

Monogrammed duvet tutorial

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Guest Checklist & Printables: Southern Hospitality

September 27, 2016
guest checklist

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Do you want to invite more friends and family to stay at your home, but maybe you’re nervous about preparing for guests? Here are some tips for preparing for a guest with a guest checklist and some cute printables to make the room more inviting.

guest checklist

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Farmhouse Chalkboard Tutorial & Meal Planning Tips

September 16, 2016
farmhouse chalkboard tutorial

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I loathe going to the grocery store, and not because I hate spending the money. I struggle to piece together meals, and I don’t like throwing out food because it spoiled in the fridge. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is meal planning. I’ve tried to plan ahead to avoid over shopping or missing anything I might actually need. I’ve found that using HelloFresh helps incredibly with meal planning and takes some of the burden out of weekly grocery shopping trips. I also created menu chalkboard and I’ve included this farmhouse chalkboard tutorial.

farmhouse chalkboard tutorial

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Barn Door Tutorial & Tips For Selecting A Door Design

September 13, 2016
barn door tutorial

If Jeremy and I have a single thing in common, it’s our love of family heirlooms and an appreciation for our heritage. The downstairs of our home is filled with random pieces of antiques such as Jeremy’s Papa Lefler’s milk cans, a wall mount thermometer that my Great Grandpa Cole received when he purchased a new tractor, a sled my that my Grandpa Cole received as a Christmas gift, and a collection of trinkets given to me by my Grandma. Many of the pieces wouldn’t be worth much to someone else, but they’re priceless to us. We have created an authentic farmhouse vibe using furniture and decor, but the structural features of our house didn’t quite match. I have plans to change all the door and window facings, and to eventually add a shiplap accent wall. While at Haven Conference in Atlanta, I got to see some of the beautiful hardware available from Crownbolt at Home Depot. This inspired me to want to build my own set of barndoors for an otherwise large doorway that lacked any real style. Before deciding on barn doors, I’d been considering these iron door installation services due to how gorgeous the designs were. However, barn doors fit our personal heritage and design of our home. Today I’m sharing my barn door tutorial with some tips for selecting your door design.
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Barn door tutorial

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Metal Personalized Pumpkin Tutorial

September 1, 2016

It’s been a stressful few weeks. Jeremy is commuting to two universities to teach, one requires a weekly plane trip and the other an almost 2 hour drive. Gabe is back in school, and he now has sports and Cub Scouts. I’m the official schedule juggler, animal caregiver, and of course, I have to write a lot. This is compounded by the fact that my stepfather has been in and out of the hospital since we left for our honeymoon, and the hospital isn’t local. I feel like I can’t support my mom the way I should, but I can’t be everywhere and do everything. Currently my only stress relieving activity is crafting. I’ve made everything from wall decor, to customized bedding, and this metal personalized pumpkin for our yard. If you already have a Cricut, this project should be a breeze once you find your pumpkin. Yes, my pumpkin is store-bought and if you read on I’m sharing where I found it (on sale). I hope you enjoy this metal personalized pumpkin tutorial, and please share with me if you make your own. buy fluoxetine online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/fluoxetine.html no prescription

metal personalized pumpkin tutorial

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