Planning A Visit To Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries

April 21, 2017
kentucky's bourbon distilleries

Planning a trip to visit to one of Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries or Bardstown, Kentucky? There are so many neat attractions in the Bardstown area and plenty of distilleries to visit, planning a trip might seem a little daunting. I’m sharing a few tips for planning a visit to Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries and answering questions such has, “How many distilleries can you visit in a day?”

kentucky's bourbon distilleries
Inside a rickhouse at Barton’s 1792

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Ad: Kentucky Hot Brown Skillet Recipe

August 22, 2016
Kentucky hot brown recipe

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Most of my family believes that savory food tastes better topped with gravy; It’s a southern staple that can be eaten with breakfast, brunch, lunch, or supper. This Kentucky Hot Brown Skillet recipe is basically an open faced turkey sandwich topped with a cheesy gravy that chefs refer to as a Mornay sauce. This dish is rich in taste and history; the original Hot Brown recipe originated at The Brown hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. You can easily double this recipe to feed a large family, or halve it for dinner for two. This Kentucky Hot Brown Skillet is a fun addition to a brunch, lunch, or dinner menu and it makes a hearty weeknight meal.

Kentucky Hot Brown Skillet

Kentucky Hot Brown Skillet
  • 8 ounces Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast
  • 2 medium Sliced tomatoes
  • 4 slices Thick sliced bread or brioche
  • ¾ cup cream
  • ¾ cup milk
  • ¼ cup grated white cheddar cheese
  • Parsley
  • 4 Slices bacon (minimum)
  • 1½ tablespoons bacon grease
  • 1½ tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • Butter
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Prepare bacon in a deep frying pan according to package directions on the stovetop, be careful not to over cook
  3. Remove bacon from the pan and drain on a paper towel
  4. Decrease stovetop heat to low
  5. Remove excess grease and leave roughly 1½ tablespoons bacon grease in the skillet
  6. Whisk flour into warm bacon grease until browned
  7. Whisk in cream and milk a few tablespoons at a time
  8. Add in grated cheese
  9. If mixture is overly thick, don't be afraid to add a few more tablespoons of milk
  10. Salt and pepper carefully according to taste (this will depend on how salty the bacon is, so be sure to treat yourself to a taste in advance)
  11. Remove from heat
  12. Put cast iron skillet in the preheated oven with roughly a tablespoon butter
  13. When butter is melted, remove the skillet from the oven to assemble the Hot Browns.
  14. Swirl the butter in the bottom of the skillet to coat
  15. Flip Toast/Brioche slices in the butter and arrange in the bottom of the skillet
  16. Top each slice with equal amounts of sliced turkey
  17. Top turkey with sliced tomatoes
  18. Put a heaping serving of cheese gravy/Mornay on each open faced sandwich
  19. Top with bacon and finely diced parsley
  20. Place in oven for 10-15 minutes to heat the sandwiches thoroughly
  21. Use broiler to lightly brown cheese gravy
  22. Serve immediately while still warm

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The Great American Balloon Race at The Great American Brass Band Festival

June 4, 2016
the great american balloon race

Despite living most of my life in Kentucky, I had no idea that The Great American Brass Band Festival existed. It was founded 27 years ago, because Danville didn’t have a yearly festival (which I found surprising). It typically runs Thursday through Sunday the first weekend of June.
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The Great American Balloon Race is a small part of the festival that draws a large crowd to the local airport on Friday night of the festival. I think hot air balloons look magical in the sky, and it was the one event associated with the festival that I didn’t want to miss. A friend of mine told me about her visit to Napa Valley and the Napa Valley Balloons rides. She said it was amazing, and now I would love to plan to go there with my husband, but for now, we have the amazing festival that the Brass Band Festival to fulfill out music needs.

the great american balloon race

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Great Saltpetre Cave Livingston, Kentucky

May 17, 2016
great saltpetre cave livingston, kentucky

One little known fact about me is that when I was in kindergarten, my best friend and I said we were going to be archaeologists when we grew up. I had changed my mind by the time I started first grade, but that didn’t change my fascination with history, landmarks, antiques/artifacts, and travel. I found out not too long ago that a place with historical and geological significance wasn’t too far from our home. The Great Saltpetre Cave in Livingston, Kentucky is owned by the Rockcastle Karst Conservancy, and operated by several other organizations. The cave is only open to the public one weekend a year, when they invite visitors to visit free of charge for guided tours of the cave. They also offer free soup beans and cornbread, as an added bonus. Jeremy loves caves, so he had planned for months to attend this year’s open house.

great saltpetre cave livingston, kentucky

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Blessing of the Hounds With The Woodford Hounds

November 24, 2015

On Saturday, November 21, Jeremy, Gabe, and I had the pleasure of attending the Blessing of the Hounds with the Woodford Hounds at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (wow, that was a mouth full). The Blessing of the Hounds is a centuries-old tradition that was believed to have begun by the now Patron Saint of Hunters, St. Hubert. The Blessing is a tradition among many hunt clubs, and there are several held throughout Kentucky, typically during the month of November near the date of the Feast of Saint Hubert.

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LEGO® KidsFest Louisville, KY

November 11, 2015

LEGO® KidsFest announces tour stops for 2016 at new and returning markets

#LegoKidsFest, @LegoKidsFest

(Hartford, CT) LEGO KidsFest kicks off its eighth year on the road with new tour stops and a return to some popular markets.

New tour stops in 2016 include Charlotte, NC (Feb.
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19-21), Harrisburg, PA (April 8-10) and Kansas City, MO (May 13-15).

It’s been three years or more since LEGO KidsFest stopped in Louisville, KY (June 3-5), Milwaukee WI (Oct. 7-9), Houston, TX (Oct. 21-23) and Cleveland, OH (Nov. 4-6).

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Tips For Improving Efficiency & Productivity Using The TPS Model

November 5, 2015

This post was created in partnership with Toyota. All opinions contained in this post are my own, and do not reflect the views or opinions of Toyota.

Have you ever stopped and looked at a situation that seemed insurmountable? Have you ever thought “there is no way I can do all of that!
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“? Most days are like that for me. Juggling my business and my writing with my five year old’s school, sports, theater, and other activities often consumes more time than I have to give. Then there’s the long list of other motherly duties: cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of the pets.

Toyota has been in a sharing mood. They’ve been recognized for monetary and in kind donations, but now they’re giving away something even more valuable–their management process. That probably sounds strange to you, but the continuous improvement model they use is called the Toyota Production System (TPS), and they’re using it to help other companies maximize their potential by identifying inefficiencies, improve processes, and achieve success. There are lots of different techniques and methodologies to achieving continuous improvement — each one working differently for each industry and application. For example, you can visit this site to look more into the different software available that will help create continuous achievement.

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