PinkLouLou Hair and Makeup: Wedding Wednesday

May 21, 2014

Last week, I blogged about my experience wedding dress shopping and winning a giveaway from Twirl Boutique. The giveaway included a hair and makeup session from PinkLouLou Design Studio before I tried on wedding dresses. It might seem silly, but it really helped in the decision making process. I felt more confident, and I could picture what I would look like on my wedding day.

Allison, the owner and “Director of Glitter” after she finished my hair and makeup

I wish I had taken a photo of myself before I walked in. My hair is naturally curly, and I blow dry it as infrequently as possible. I took a shower, applied some hair product, and left with a damp head of hair. Allison is really a miracle worker. I was absolutely amazed at how flawlessly she styled my hair. I rarely wear my hair up for formal events, and I decided to let her try something different.

I’m amazed, that is actually my hair.  

After she finished my hair but before she started my makeup.
I didn’t give her much guidance with my hair or makeup. I was in the mood to try something different, so I let her work her magic. 
Allison was sweet and genuine. We chatted while she “dolled” me up. I discovered she is a blogger too, and was even part of American Blogger. Her personality made the experience so much more enjoyable. It can be awkward when someone you don’t know is doing your hair and makeup for the first time, she helped make the experience fun.  

It was the first time I ever had airbrush makeup, and it made my skin look as flawless as possible for a 33 year old. I don’t wear tons of makeup, and Allison gave me a very natural look.

I would not hesitate to hire or recommend Allison for any special occasion that would require hair and makeup. She is located in Lexington, Kentucky, but services most of Central Kentucky. It was a wonderful experience, and I loved meeting Allison.

Here are a  few hair and makeup tips for your big day:

  • Don’t try out any new facial products or makeup in the weeks leading up to your wedding. You could have a reaction and it can take your skin time to adjust to new products. You don’t need a break out on your big day!
  • Hire someone to do your hair and makeup, or find someone reliable to do it for you. You shouldn’t stress about doing your own hair and makeup on your big day. You deserve a little free time to enjoy being pampered. 
  • Don’t try out new hairstyles or makeup on your wedding day. My sister paid someone to do her hair for her senior prom, it turned out horrific. I drove down to redo her hair and makeup (along with several of her friends), it was a stressful experience for both of us. If you want to try something new, make sure to do a trial run several days in advance. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new hairstyles or makeup trends BEFORE the wedding. Pinterest is a great way to find hair and makeup ideas. Find something that flatters you and your dress. 

Any suggestions for upcoming Wedding Wednesday pieces? I would love to hear suggestions.

Happy Wedding Wednesday,

Random Acts of Kindness Week and Photography Giveaway

February 11, 2014

Did you know that starts Random Acts of Kindness Week?  Has anyone surprised you by paying for your lunch or leaving a kind note?

I don’t think you should need an incentive to perform a Random Act of Kindness, but this week I am going to offer you an incentive.  I am going to giveaway a 1 hour photo session with 15-20 edited images on a CD with print release to one lucky reader for doing a (not so) Random Act of Kindness.

 We should be kind to each other everyday, but everyone needs a little inspiration now and then.  The entry details are below and I look forward to hearing about the Random Acts of Kindness that are completed over the next week.

On February 17th, I will let Rafflecopter randomly choose one lucky winner.

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”
-Bob Kerry, 1943 
Happy Making Smiles Monday,

BJWC Charitable Purchase: Poinsettias For a Purpose

Every year many families “deck the halls,” but what if your seasonal decorations could help support charitable projects in your community?  Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club in conjunction with Pemberton’s Nursery are offering poinsettias, fresh wreathes, and garland.  A large portion of the proceeds will go to the Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club and the many projects we conduct in the community.  Bluegrass Children’s Fund, Santa’s Shoppers, along with partnership organizations such as Bluegrass Domestic Violence (now known as Greenhouse 17), Ronald McDonald House of the Bluegrass, Hope Center, Children’s Advocacy Center, and many more local agencies benefit from the hard work of Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club.  We are unable to fulfill all of our commitments without the support of our community.  We ask that you consider purchasing your live and fresh holiday decorations from BJWC this year.  

Poinsettias are $13 each 

In addition to the poinsettias, we have the return of the greenery options:

  • 22” Mixed Noble Fir w/ Cones Wreath – $24
  • 20” Boxwood Wreath – $26
  • 75 Feet of White Pine Roping – $35

Orders will be placed on Wednesday, November 20, so any order will need to be received on the evening of Tuesday, November 19.  Please contact [email protected] or myself directly.  
Our club greatly appreciates your continued support.  Your generosity allows us to contribute to and continue our partnerships with many other non-profit organizations in the Lexington, Kentucky community.  
Have you satisfied all your holiday decorating needs?  You can still help us.  We are asking for Santa’s Shoppers sponsorships.  

Please check out Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club for more information on our non-profit organization or any of our charitable giving projects.  

Happy Thoughtful Tuesday,

She’s Dating Who? The Perils of Dating in a Small Town

September 9, 2013

Title gotcha didn’t it? 😉 Who am I dating? Inquiring minds would like to know. Well you can keep guessing, I like to keep my beaus anonymous.
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We all know I rarely get what I WANT. I was very hesitant to date anyone from back home for many reasons, one of which is it is impossible to date anyone in a small town without everyone knowing. Local dating has brought a lot of people together and will continue to be big because it makes it so easy to find someone for you. But it can sometimes end up slightly embarrassing! Lexington is a mid-size city. It was much easy to date someone without the “entire world” knowing or caring who I dated. Barbourville offers no such luxury. My hometown is the size of a shoebox. If you actively read my blog, I am not exactly a private person. I have NO privacy here.

I was absolutely mortified the first time my grandmother and I ran into someone we knew. The first question is generally disguised as a statement, “I didn’t know you were back home?”. We all know that is code for, “What are you doing here?” My grandmother didn’t think twice about blurting out, she is getting a divorce rather loudly in the local Wal-Mart. I was like “Nice one Grandma, shouldn’t you search family law Jacksonville before announcing this news to the entire community in Walmart?”

Have you ever watched Sandra Bullock in the movie Hope Floats? I feel like Birdee. My marriage publicly fell apart, and I was partially responsible for the publicity. Birdee ran home to find herself, and to provide a stable life for her daughter. Gabe loves our life here. He loves seeing his great grandparents every day. He is happy, and that is all that matters to me. I am thankful that he is no Bernice. I am not adjusting quite as well. I get the occasional curious stare, people trying to figure out who I am or if it is me.

I have been gone for years, but my desire was to leave forever. I didn’t just walk away from my hometown, I ran. I have very few ties here outside my immediate family.
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I have very few local friends. My goal was to keep my head down, get my divorce settled, and enjoy my “layover”. Getting a divorce was actually more straightforward than I originally thought. We had to divide marital property equitably with the help of some divorce lawyers, and then we were legally separated. The divorce was easier than I thought, and I do feel much better now. However, I’m back in my hometown and now I’m ready to try and improve my life.

I told myself repeatedly that it wasn’t a good idea to date local guys. Dating someone in a very small town can create issues that “city folk” never dream about. You routinely run into an “ex”, your beau’s “ex”, or family of either which awkward doesn’t begin to describe. I figured I would continue to date guys in Lexington, since the extent of my dating was limited to the every other weekend Gabe went to his dad’s. Plans were meant to be broken right?

I reluctantly agreed to a date with someone from my past. My hesitance had more to do with our hometown, and not my actual date. There are very few restaurants to choose from, even when you drive to a nearby city. He bumped into several people on that date. The funniest involved an older couple. They knew my date quite well, and the wife was quite disturbed that she didn’t know who I was. I walked to the bathroom, and she starred at me the entire time. I giggled when I caught her peeking around trying to figure out who his “mystery date” was. She wasn’t being rude. I know this is typical small town behavior. I just preferred to know who I was dating before everyone else did, and you will probably have to be from a small town to understand what I meant by that phrase.

I’m still not telling who my dates were with, a lady should never kiss and tell.

Happy Maladjusted Monday

What is Run Foam Run 5K? Let Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club Show You!

Themed runs are a current trend.  You have various color runs, night runs, mud runs, and even zombie runs.  Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club is proud to host Lexington, Kentucky‘s first foam run.  The event is brought to you by the creators of Glow in the Night 5k.  It will feature large inflatables, goofy obstacles, and lots of foam.  The event titled Run Foam Run will benefit Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club and the clubs special projects.  BJWC is a local non-profit devoted to helping disadvantaged women, children, and families through various outreach project.  The Santa’s Shopper’s program, Ronald McDonald House, Bluegrass Domestic Violence, and the Children’s Advocacy center all benefit from the hard work and dedication of BJWC members.

So grab a few friends, maybe a funny costume, and help raise money for an amazing organization.  
Please stayed tuned for updated obstacle alerts and information.  
Heats will run from 9am to 12pm but the most popular time slots will fill fast so get your entries in.
Entries are $45 up until Friday, August 2, 2013
Day of race entries will be based upon availability and will be $60
Happy Terrific Tuesday,

Becoming an Agent of Change

March 16, 2013

If your follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you might hear my friends and I banter about being an agent of change or a change agent.  Did we spark your curiosity?  What is an agent of change and how do I become one?  

Change agents are people devoted to making changes in society and around the world.  You can change your own life and the life of those around you, often with very small acts.  How about checking in on a neighbor?  You can make dinner for a new mom or volunteer to babysit for a friend while she does errands.  It could be as simple as pay the toll for the car behind you or buying an extra cup of coffee.  A gesture of genuine kindness can go a long way, especially to someone who might be having a bad day or week.  

Think your ready for a bigger act of change?  Learn to lobby for causes that you love.  I have recently lobbied for several causes I hold dear global vaccination access, domestic violence, and military legislation.  Lobbying can be as extensive as a visit to your representatives office or as simple as a phone call.

Social media has given us better access to our family, friends and even politicians.  You can make your voice heard.  Participation in the Global Mom Relay is incredibly easy.  You just need to “share” the daily blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.  It is as easy as the click of a button!  

Do you believe that every child deserves a shot at a healthy life?  Did you know that vaccines are one of the most cost effective forms of humanitarian aid available?  You can help support the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign by pledging your support via email.  The pledge is simple and no donations is required but always appreciated!  
Shot@Life Pledge
I believe that every child deserves a chance to have a healthy life, no matter where they live. By pledging my support today, I add my voice to the U.S. movement to give children around the world the shot at life they deserve.
I understand that, for children in developing countries with limited access to life-saving immunizations, childhood vaccines are an essential part of ensuring healthy development and a productive future.
I pledge to do what I can to help children around the world gain access to life-saving vaccines.
I will encourage my friends, my family, my community and my local, state, and national leaders to speak up for children who need vaccines to survive and thrive.
By pledging my support and lending my voice to this movement, I believe we can give millions of children a shot at a healthy life no matter where they live.
Make your pledge to the Shot@Life campaign by signing up for the monthly newsletter by clicking here. It is easy and completely free, it can be your start to becoming an agent of change.  If you are compelled to sign up please note it that you learned about the campaign through a Shot@Life Champion and include my name Jessica Urgelles. 
I am hoping at this point you have the urge to do something, and maybe a little inspired to do more you originally intended.  These are just a few tips of how you can help change our society for the better.  It really does happen one person at a time. 
I also would like to personally invite you to the Shot@Life twitter party where you can make some new tweeps (friends for those who aren’t use to twitter lingo) and find other ways to become a #changeagent.  I hope to see some of you there!  You can follow me via my twitter app on the sidebar of my blog or find me at Bluegrass_Belle 

Happy Social Saturday!  

Pinwheels for Prevention

 Five children a day die in the United States alone from abuse and neglect according to Every Child Matters.  Every child deserves a shot at a healthy future and life.  They should be dreaming, pretending, learning, and growing.  They shouldn’t be fearing their caregivers, dealing with physical or mental abuse, or worrying about food, clothing, and shelter.  Sadly, this is a reality for many children in the United States and around the World.

A pinwheel is often a fond reminder of happiness and childhood.  Please join the Bluegrass Junior Women’s Club and other Lexington area General Federation of Women’s Clubs in honoring children facing abuse or neglect on April 7 at 4pm with a Pinwheels for Prevention garden at Wellington Park.  The club is requesting $20 donations to Prevent Child Abuse America to be included on the sponsorship sign but any donation is welcome.  If you want to be included on the sponsorship sign please ensure your donation is made prior to April 1st and online donations can be made via paypal through this link.

Happy Friendly Friday,