How to make those 8000 diaper changes easier

December 11, 2017

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Did you know that the average child uses 8000 diapers before potty training? Babies don’t change themselves, so that’s over 8,000 diaper changes for which parents, guardians and caretakers are responsible. That’s a whole lot of changes and a whole lot of diapers you need to buy. My Advice for new parents is to stockpile diapers so you’re able to save some money but make sure you don’t buy too many as you might be left with diapers that are too small as your baby grows. I’ve found the first few months are the easiest because babies aren’t mobile, but after about 4 months you will likely have to change the diaper on a moving target. My friend was the opposite because her baby kept crying the first few months of diaper changes and then she changed how she went about it and managed to get a happier baby towards the end! If you’re struggling like my friend did then here’s a good resource that goes over why your baby might be crying. Anyway, today I’m sharing tips for setting up a diaper changing station that will make a large part of those 8000 diaper changes go much easier with a little help from our partner, Huggies®.

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DIY Baby Gift Basket Inspiration

October 9, 2017

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I decided when I found out that I was pregnant that I didn’t want a shower or a “sprinkle”. I really appreciated my son’s baby shower and all the gifts, but I found it more stressful than helpful. I felt the need to wear all of the clothes that he received as gifts; we had so many pieces in a few sizes that he would need to wear an outfit a day to wear all of them before he outgrew. What was I supposed to do with all that he couldn’t wear? I felt guilty selling or gifting them to someone else. I thought that not having a shower for my daughter would prevent that, but it actually made things worse. People bought us lots of gifts and dropped them off. I think I may have gotten more stuff for her than I received for my son. If you’re considering not having a baby registry or you’re buying for a new baby, please read this post. Here are a few tips for creating your gift registry and buying for a mom-to-be/new baby, and some DIY Baby Gift Basket Inspiration. DIY Baby Gift Basket Inspiration Continue reading DIY Baby Gift Basket Inspiration

July Is Cord Blood Awareness Month

July 21, 2017
tips for planning maternity photographs

There are so many decisions that have to be made prior to the birth of a baby; one of the most important is whether or not to hire a company to bank your baby’s cord blood. I’m due with my second child any day now, and I didn’t bank my son’s cord blood. I actually knew very little about our options for cord blood banking until after my son was born. July is Cord Blood Awareness Month; CBR® wants to remind everyone of the importance of saving your newborn’s stem cells and to encourage you to research your options for cord blood banking.

tips for planning maternity photographs

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When Should You Find A New Healthcare Provider?

July 19, 2017
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When you start your own family, you have to start putting them first. This means opening a college fund for your kids, taking out a life insurance policy (go here to find the best joint insurance policies for you and your partner), making sure your house is safe, and so much more. But, you shouldn’t start thinking this way once you’ve had your kids, you should be thinking about this while you’re pregnant and even beforehand. Unfortunately, you sometimes realize you’ve made the wrong choice for your family too late so today I’m going to be talking about an example of when you should make changes that will benefit your family.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I scoured the list of approved obstetricians and nurse midwives from my insurance company. I had a wonderful experience with a certified nurse midwife when I delivered my son. She was always attentive and caring, and I never second guessed her medical decision making. Sadly, I discovered that she wasn’t an option for this pregnancy; since my experience with her was so pleasant, I was convinced that I wanted to use a nurse midwife this time around. I’ve slowly discovered why people use the phrase, “assumptions will make an ass out of you.” I regret my assumption that my experience with one specific nurse midwife would equate to a positive experience with another group of nurse midwives. I’m sharing my personal experience with selecting the wrong midwives and I’m trying to help you answer the question, “When should you find a new healthcare provider?” buy topamax online no prescription

When Should You Find A New Healthcare Provider?

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Breech Baby & An ECV: External Cephalic Version

This pregnancy hasn’t been an easy one; I had hyperemesis gravidarum (an extreme form of morning sickness), erythema multi-forma (a body covering rash with no known cause), a complete placenta previa (that resolved around 33 weeks), and a very stubborn breech baby. We’ve been blessed enough that our daughter appears to be very healthy, despite my pregnancy complications. I really didn’t want a c-section and after trying everything suggested by the Spinning Babies website and my nurse midwife, our only hope for a routine delivery was a procedure called an external cephalic version (ECV). Today I’m sharing my experience with having an ECV and what I think you should know before you go. Remember that I’m not a medical professional and nothing in this post should be construed as actual medical advice; you should always consult your medical professional before making any medical decisions.

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