Tips For Planning Maternity Photographs

June 4, 2017
tips for planning maternity photographs

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If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want maternity pictures East Brunswick, I would definitely encourage you to get them. I only have a handful of photographs where I’m pregnant with my son.
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I was so self-conscious about how I looked and felt at the time, that I hated even looking in the mirror.
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I appeared swollen and it never occurred to me that I would regret not having any photos. I promised myself that no matter how swollen I looked or how much weight I gained, that I would take some maternity photos during this pregnancy. I wish I had just looked into finding professionals like a maternity photography Huntsville company who could have captured that pregnancy, as it would have been nice to look back on those photos, even if I didn’t feel my best. There would have been a lot more memories to look back on. Anyway, I’m sharing some of the mistakes I made planning my maternity photos and a few tips for planning your maternity photographs.

tips for planning maternity photographs

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Survival Tips For The First Time Sports Parent

May 22, 2017
Season Survival Tips For The First Time Sports Parent

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I played a wide variety of sports as a kid, but nothing really prepared me for the first season that my son played a new sport. What did I need to buy for him? I wasn’t sure what he needed to bring or wear to his first games.
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Here are a few survival tips for the first time sports parent. My son started playing soccer at three, so between fall and spring soccer we have about 8 seasons under our belt. He started Tee-ball at 5 and moved up to Coach Pitch this year, and after three seasons I still struggle with sizing equipment. Today I’m sharing some of my own experiences as a first time sports parent (and coach) and how we survive each season with as little stress as possible. Alternatively there are sites that offer locals new sporting activities to join in on, with like minded people to connect with so you’ll never have a question unanswered, so you may want to take a look here if you’re wanting your child to play sport you both didn’t even know existed!

Survival Tips For The First Time Sports Parent

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Surprise: Sibling Gender Reveal Photoshoot

May 11, 2017
sibling gender reveal photoshoot

Did you have an elaborate gender reveal during your pregnancy? Or did you opt for a gender reveal party? When I found out the gender of my son, we just called close friends and family; we shared the news on Facebook with everyone else. I had planned on doing a gender reveal photoshoot nearly two months ago when we found out using a fetal gender test, but a host of things prevented that. I really wanted to do something that involved our son. He had asked for a sibling for a long time before I got pregnant, and he has had his own gender predictions. Here’s a glimpse of the sibling gender reveal photoshoot. Maybe it will give you a few ideas for your own gender reveal and you can find out what we’re having.

sibling gender reveal photoshoot

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Fresh Picks: 10 Adorable & Affordable Children’s Clothing Companies

Whether you’re looking to dress your favorite southern tot or trying to find an heirloom quality piece as a gift, this list of adorable and affordable children’s clothing companies has something for you. We carefully curated this list from companies that we have personally ordered from, or they came highly recommended by family and friends.

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Did You Know That March 21 is National Single Parent’s Day?

March 20, 2017

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When Gabe’s father and I split nearly 4 years ago, I didn’t think I could find the strength to be a single parent. I worried that Gabe would miss out on things.
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I was 12 years old when my parents divorced, and it was nasty. When the dust finally settled, I went to live with my maternal grandparents. My mom took a nursing job in another state, and my Dad took custody of my two brothers and my sister. At the time I was playing several sports and on a few academic teams, and I required the most maintenance. My grandparents put a roof over my head, fed me and took me where I needed to go, but it was hard to replace the lost connection to a parent; I made myself a promise that Gabe would never know what that felt like. I wanted him to always be confident that he had a parent that would look out for him no matter how tough the circumstances got. Today I’m sharing my struggles as a former single parent and why I feel it’s important to celebrate National Single Parent’s Day.

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My Strength Has No Gender™ Story

March 8, 2017
Strength Has No Gender™

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Would you believe me if I told you that I once headed to the Navy Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois, to begin my training as a Naval Nuclear Electrician’s Mate? It seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s true. I was the only female Nuclear Electrician’s Mate in my entire class at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Charleston, SC. I was naive when I left for boot camp; it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I was about to enter a field dominated by men, or that my gender could impact my career trajectory. Today I’m thankful that I can join the Strength Has No Gender™ campaign in celebration of International Women’s Day by sharing the story of my personal experience in this male-dominated field.

Strength Has No Gender™

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Things You Should Know About Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

February 22, 2017
non-invasive prenatal testing

On my first prenatal visit with my nurse midwife, they gave me a folder of useful information. One sheet laid out the purpose of each of my prenatal visits and their frequency, while a second sheet listed all of the prenatal testing options that we had. Since I would be over 35 when I gave birth, I had a few more testing options than younger mothers. Our prenatal provider didn’t discuss any of our test options at length, so I had to research most of them them on my own. Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (or NIPT) is a newer test for a few select genetic anomalies which requires a blood sample. Here are a few things you should know about Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing before you consider having the test done.

non-invasive prenatal testing

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