Tips For Improving Efficiency & Productivity Using The TPS Model

November 5, 2015

This post was created in partnership with Toyota. All opinions contained in this post are my own, and do not reflect the views or opinions of Toyota.

Have you ever stopped and looked at a situation that seemed insurmountable? Have you ever thought “there is no way I can do all of that!
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“? Most days are like that for me. Juggling my business and my writing with my five year old’s school, sports, theater, and other activities often consumes more time than I have to give. Then there’s the long list of other motherly duties: cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of the pets.

Toyota has been in a sharing mood. They’ve been recognized for monetary and in kind donations, but now they’re giving away something even more valuable–their management process. That probably sounds strange to you, but the continuous improvement model they use is called the Toyota Production System (TPS), and they’re using it to help other companies maximize their potential by identifying inefficiencies, improve processes, and achieve success. There are lots of different techniques and methodologies to achieving continuous improvement — each one working differently for each industry and application. For example, you can visit this site to look more into the different software available that will help create continuous achievement.

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