10 Lower Calorie Snack Options

August 11, 2016

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Between leftover wedding cake and our 12 day honeymoon which was the equivalent of eating our way through the Mediterranean, I’ve been afraid to step on the scales. My pants are snug, which isn’t very comfortable. I know that I need to lose weight, but that’s much easier said than done. Now that school is back in session and Jeremy is preparing to teach his fall semester classes, I’m no longer cooking three meals a day.
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It’s much easier for me to watch my calorie intake when I’m not making meals which are dictated by the appetites and tastes of a 6 year old boy and a 40 year old man. I can also cut out the amount of junk food I have on hand, and make it easier for me to make healthier snack choices.
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Here is my list of 10 lower calorie snack options to help you make better snacking choices.

10 lower calorie snack options

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Tips For A Guilt-free Bridal Party

February 5, 2016

This post was sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts as part of a Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review

Hosting a small party for your bridesmaids and other bridal party members right after you’ve tried on your wedding dress (that I ordered roughly 18 months ago) is rarely a good idea. My wedding is about 12 weeks away; it’s going to take carrot sticks, water, and many miles on my bike to ensure that my dress fits properly.  I’m going to have to give up my cupcakes, but I could never give up my coffee. I decided I would try to to host a guilt-free bridal party with the help of Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Cupcake Flavored Coffee. I know I’m not the only person in my bridal party stressed over whether her dress will fit properly, so I tried to give everyone a few options. Here are a few tips for a guilt-free bridal party.

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The Importance Of Sports Clothing

August 24, 2015

Whether you’re into competitive sports or you just do these activities for fun and to keep fit, you’ll need the right sports clothing.
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Having suitable activewear can help to boost your performance and enhance your enjoyment, and it can even reduce your risk of injury. Here, we take a look at exactly why it’s so important to have suitable sports clothing, so whether you’re just starting out, or updating an old workout wardrobe you’ll know what to keep an eye out for when shopping in stores like Tesco.

sports clothing

Helps to keep you fresh and comfortable

Whether you’re pounding the pavements, working up a sweat in the saddle or testing your skills at team sports, it’s crucial that your clothes keep you fresh and comfortable. By opting for materials that are specially designed to wick sweat away from your body, you can stay cooler and dryer during your workouts.
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These garments absorb sweat from your body and spread it out through the fabric, meaning it can more easily evaporate into the environment.

Gives you full movement

Well-designed workout clothes give you the full range of motion you need for your sports too, helping to ensure that you’re not restricted in any way. This can make it easier to perfect your technique, and it should mean you feel more comfortable. So whether you click here for an array of mens tracksuits or search for womens workout wear instead, when you’re testing different clothes out, try adopting a range of positions to see if the garments give you enough freedom.

Protects you from the elements

Appropriate attire can protect you from the elements too. For example, you may need gloves to keep your hands warm while cycling, or perhaps you could do with a sunhat or long-sleeved top to shelter you from the solar rays while running. By choosing garments that suit the weather conditions, you should find it easier to keep your body at the right temperature.

Reduces your risk of injury

Certain items of sportswear can reduce your risk of injury too. For example, impact-resistant polycarbonate glasses can minimize the risk of damage to your eyes if you’re playing sports like basketball.
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Gum shields, shin pads, Elbow Sleeve, and arm and leg supports are other examples of danger reducing accessories. Even for something as simple as jogging or running, it is vital that you pick the shoes with the correct support to save you from injuring yourself.

Boosts your confidence

Then there’s your confidence to consider. By wearing suitable and stylish sports clothes, you should feel better about yourself when you get stuck into your chosen activities because you’ll know you look the part. In contrast, if you feel self-conscious about your garments, you might be distracted and unable to focus on and enjoy the sports. Some people even feel more confident by getting retro-style shoes, which can be a great staple to any fashion attire. You can have a look at some 1990s retro basketball shoes from places like BuySideSports and change up your sports look and impress your friends.

For these reasons, it’s easy to see why getting the right sports clothing is such a big deal in the world of sports.

Shake up your diet with Atkins Shakes

January 5, 2015

I skipped breakfast this morning; it was the second time in the past five days. Then my day happened, and it ended up being nearly 2pm before I got to eat lunch; I was very hungry and cranky. I ran out of Atkins shakes which I occasionally use to supplement my diet. It is too easy to skip meals when I am busy working at home and trying to get my son to school. Meal planning has been essential to my dieting success in the past, and that included having a back up plan. A major advantage of the Atkins diet is that there are so many meal and snack options available. I am less likely to skip meals, make unhealthy choices, or overindulge when I plan ahead and I have a variety of choices available at home.

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You can still have sausage, egg, and cheese with Atkins breakfast

December 12, 2014

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, but it’s also the meal that I skip most frequently. I want bacon, eggs, and sausage, but who has time to cook breakfast when you’re trying to run out the door? When you make your own hot breakfast you have to count protein and carbohydrates, and that is why I like Atkins breakfast sandwiches. The carbohydrate and protein counts are already calculated on the box, so I can just enjoy my sandwich.

atkins breakfast sandwich

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What is Atkins 40?

November 13, 2014

I just finished my first week on the Atkins™ 40 diet. Honestly, eating low carb meals was a huge adjustment for this carb lover, but it wasn’t as a bad as I thought it might be. I like that I could eat 40 net carbohydrates as soon as I started Atkins™ 40, it helped to curb my carb cravings. I never felt hungry, which is unusual given my past experiences with diets. I’m pleased as a peach with my results and I’ll tell you why.

Atkins diet

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Turning up the heat with Thermo Heat: Fitness Friday

June 20, 2014
The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Thermo Heat.
Thermo Heat Maximum Strength Fat Burner
It is no secret that I gained a little weight this winter, and it was entirely my own fault. I unintentionally cut back on running and working out, but my eating habits and calorie intake remained the same. The added stress of my engagement and subsequent wedding planning hasn’t helped either. When Fitfluential offered me the opportunity to review Thermo Heat, I jumped at the chance.
We are planning a late September wedding. I would love to loose twenty pounds, but I would be happy with fifteen. For this to be a realistic goal, I need to eat a low calorie die and work out regularly. I routinely use supplements such as a high quality multi-vitamin, calcium, and fish oil to fill in dietary deficiencies. The addition of Thermo Heat should give me the boost that I need to help me meet my goal.
Thermo Heat and Fiffluential

About Thermo Heat:

The basic idea behind Thermo Heat is that it increases thermogenesis and in turn increases your metabolism. So what is thermogenesis? Thermogenesis is the process by which your body produces heat and can help you burn excess fat.

Appetite Management:

The biggest benefit I noticed was appetite suppression. I am a foodie, I love to cook and eat. I struggle with managing my appetite. Thermo Heat helped to take the edge off my cravings. It was easier to skip snacks and motivated me to make healthier food choices.Increased Energy and Mental Sharpness:
Thermo Heat did give me a significant energy boost. I generally experience fatigue shortly after lunch, but I didn’t when I was taking Thermo Heat. I was concerned that it would interfere with my bedtime, but I had no problem falling asleep at night.

Boost Metabolism:
I have only taken the product for two weeks, so it is hard to estimate metabolic effect during a short period of time. I haven’t significantly altered my diet or exercise routine, and I have lost three pounds. The weight loss leads me to believe that this supplement does boost metabolism. I have friends who have issues swallowing pills so instead, they turn to patches like sliminazer to help them reach their goals. It is different for everybody and that needs to be remembered.

Thermo Heat and Fiffluential

My personal experience with Thermo Heat:

I started off with the recommended dosage of one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon. It made me slightly jittery, but I don’t consume caffeine regularly. This significantly declined after the third dose. I experienced the feeling again when I increased to the full dosage of two pills in the morning and two in the afternoon, but this declined after the third or fourth dose. I no longer experience any jitteriness. The product contains 250 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of 2.5 cups of coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine you might have difficulty with the product.

I didn’t experience any other side effects. I have taken the product for two weeks and I have lost three pounds so far. I plan to continue the product and I will post results when I finish the bottle.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a supplement to boost weight loss. I have experienced success during a short period of time and I think it will help me meet my long term goals.

For more information on Thermo Heat:

Whenever you change your diet, exercise, or decide to try a dietary supplement, you should consult your physician or healthcare professionals. Ingredients in this product may not be suitable for all individuals and you should read the label carefully. This blog is not intended to give medical advice, I am sharing my personal experience with the supplement.