Cumberland River Registered Highland Cattle

scottish highland cattle breeders in kentucky

I’ve been fascinated by Scottish Highland Cattle for years; some might say that I am obsessed. They aren’t unicorn rare, but they aren’t terribly easy to find. There are roughly 15,000 Highland Cattle in the United States. I’ve spent many hours researching the breed and trying to local quality registered cattle to create our foundation. On November 12, 2016 Jeremy and I picked up Wandering Spirit Ali and Wandering Spirit Hali from Wandering Spirit Farm in Sweetwater, Tennessee. We hope that these wonderful ladies will help create a strong foundation for us and help to preserve the Highland Cattle Breed.

cumberland river highland cattle

scottish highland cattlerottweiler with cattle

scottish highland cattle breeders in kentucky

Jeremy meeting Hali and Ali for the first time.

scottish highland cattle

What are Highland Cattle?

They’re the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world, but they’re also classified as Recovering on the Conversation Priority List for Heritage Breeds. Highland Cattle originated in the rugged Scottish Highlands (hence the name). In 2010, it was estimated there were about 11,000 registered Scottish Highland Cattle in North America. Highland Cattle are easily recognized; they have shaggy coats that come in a wide variety of colors and long turned horns. It’s believed that Highland Cattle were first brought into the western United States in the early 1920’s. Highland Cattle are registered by the American Highland Cattle Association in the United States which maintains the Herdbook.

Why Highland Cattle?

The breed is hardy and rugged. They’ve survived centuries in harsh weather, where natural selection encouraged the survival of only the fittest of animals. Highland Cattle has many endearing traits which include flavorful beef production, docile temperaments, and ease of calving.

Hall Farms is a family owned and operated cow-calf farm in Kentucky. My husband and his family have raised several various breeds of cattle across several generations. My father-in-law primarily manages his herd and my husband pitches in when he isn’t busy being a college professor.

With that said, having cattle on Hall Farms isn’t new to us, but we are new to the Highland Cattle breed.


You can read and learn more about our foundation heifers on their individual pages.

Wandering Spirit Ali

wandering spirit ali

Wandering Spirit Hali

wandering spirit hali

DM Ferdinand

DM Ferdinand

CRH Augustus -Open for deposit, available for purchase Sept 2019

CRH Augustus

CRH Blair

CRH Blair

I hope to write about our adventures with Highland Cattle; I plan to cover topics such as what to look for in foundation stock, searching for a Highland Cattle breeder, deciding if investing in a herd bull is right for you, and basic cattle care. Please check back from time to time to read more about life with Highlands.

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