What is Run Foam Run 5K? Let Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club Show You!

Themed runs are a current trend.  You have various color runs, night runs, mud runs, and even zombie runs.  Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club is proud to host Lexington, Kentucky‘s first foam run.  The event is brought to you by the creators of Glow in the Night 5k.  It will feature large inflatables, goofy obstacles, and lots of foam.  The event titled Run Foam Run will benefit Bluegrass Junior Woman’s Club and the clubs special projects.  BJWC is a local non-profit devoted to helping disadvantaged women, children, and families through various outreach project.  The Santa’s Shopper’s program, Ronald McDonald House, Bluegrass Domestic Violence, and the Children’s Advocacy center all benefit from the hard work and dedication of BJWC members.

So grab a few friends, maybe a funny costume, and help raise money for an amazing organization.  
Please stayed tuned for updated obstacle alerts and information.  
Heats will run from 9am to 12pm but the most popular time slots will fill fast so get your entries in.
Entries are $45 up until Friday, August 2, 2013
Day of race entries will be based upon availability and will be $60
Happy Terrific Tuesday,

Blood, Sweat, and Ink

June 1, 2013
My late brother Brandon and his daughter Bella

I dread May and December.  My brother was murdered on May 25th, which fell on Memorial Day that year.  Now I’m not sure which day to mourn my brothers passing, so instead I mourn both.  December 15th was his birthday and shortly after is Christmas.  I always have a six month cycle of mourning and grief.  This year I promised to celebrate his life instead of mourning his death.  I spent the days reflecting on all the incredible memories we shared.  My sister got a beautifully scripted memorial tattoo in his honor.  The text read, “Brandon, If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”  In my heart he will live forever, he is alive as long as our memories are.  

Photo Credit: Anna Peace 
I had been considering a memorial tattoo for a while.  I have one small tattoo that I have had for many years, I take body art pretty seriously.  When my sister surprised us saying she was getting hers, I knew I wanted to get mine too.  It wasn’t that I was competing with her, I just found it ironic that the symbolic tattoo I had chosen many months before related to the text my sister chose.  

Photo Credit: Jessica Urgelles

My regular readers know I grew up in a very small town in rural southeastern Kentucky.  It isn’t uncommon that people were born, live, and eventually die here.  The local tattoo artist when to high school with my father, and had known my grandparents for a very long time.  

The really special thing about Chuck Hendrickson is that he also tattooed my late brother Brandon.  He also tattooed both of my other siblings.  I know Brandon was smiling down on us that day, and probably laughed as I gritted my teeth.
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 I chose to get my tattoo on my rib cage under my right arm.  It isn’t the most pleasant place to get a tattoo, but I like them discrete.  I also don’t have very much meat on my rib cage, and that didn’t help matters.
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At least I knew I was in the capable hands of a tattoo artist who was responsible and was covered with specialist insurance (these details cover some of the information that may be of interest to other tattoo artists or parlour owners like Chuck). 
Photo Credit: Jessica Urgelles 
                                                                                                                              My dear old friend Monica joined me for moral support and everyone chatted with memories of Brandon.  I almost felt like he was actually there with me, I like to remind myself he is always with me. He wasn’t perfect but he loved his family, and he would do anything for a friend.  He had a big heart, a goofy demeanor, and a zest for life.
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My tattoo turned out more beautiful than I had hoped.  I will always have it as a reminder of brother, friend, and childhood playmate that I was so viciously taken from me.  

I love you Brandon Michael Peace, your body might be gone but you will never be forgotten.  

Thanks again to Chuck Hendrickson of Knox Street Tattoo in Barbourville, Kentucky for doing an incredible job on the tattoo.  I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.  

Happy Sassy Saturday,

How This “Stella” Got Her Groove Back

May 28, 2013
It took just a few weeks for me to revert my hair back blonde.  I decided it was time for new head shots and thanks to my wonderful sister, Anna Peace for doing my hair and makeup!  

Happy Memorial Day

May 27, 2013
Photo Credit: Pinterest 

I hope everyone remembers that today for so many families is much more than just a day off work or
for barbecues.  It is a day of honor and remembrance.  Soldiers and their families pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  There are soldiers lost in battle, and there are families left behind.  No amount of money or gratitude can buy back the time that was lost.  You can’t put a value on time.

Military members wear the uniform with honor, courage, and integrity.  We should remember the fallen and celebrate the survivors.  We should also take a second to remember the unseen scars of war, and the toll it takes on military members and their families.  Post traumatic stress disorder might not take their bodies but it will consume their mind.

Today I honor my grandfathers and brothers, and many other unmentioned relatives and friends
George Peace, Jr.  Korea War Vet
Claude Johnson
Freddie Cole
Brandon Michael Peace, Post 9/11 deployment
Stanton Kayne Peace, Operation Enduring Freedom 

My prayers for a speedy and safe return, and to all my friends still downrange “we got your 6“.  
Happy Memorial Day!

For the Record…

May 27, 2013
Photo Credit: Pinterest 

My blog is returning to regularly scheduled social good programming.  I have had people ask if anyone
made me take my posts down and the answer is no.  I just got tired of rereading them and making myself angry.  The more I read the conversations between he and other women, the angrier I got.  He had tried to convince me that what he had done was my fault.  I neglected our marriage and focused on our son, and he almost made me blame myself. I never imagined I would get to a point where I could hate my ex, but loathe him.

I realized he has lied so much, he had started to believe himself.  I found out things about him now, and it makes my skin crawl knowing I put up with him that long.  He blamed me for the trouble he was in, but it was his actions that got him in trouble.  I just made his actions public knowledge.  I finally feel like his command can see who he really is, and more importantly what he is capable of.  An officer from the National Guard said to me, “I’m glad one of you have made your son a priority.”  It wasn’t the first time it had been said, but it was the first time his command had acknowledged that.  I am starting to feel that Gabe and I might get the justice we both deserve.  You can only lie, cheat, and steal for so long before you will get caught.  I have elected from this point forward to hand over all my information to his command, and to the attorney.  I need to focus on what I do best, being a mother to my son and contributing to social good.

I don’t even love and respect him as Gabe’s father.  My son deserves so much more than the heartless, petty, and ego driven man that is responsible for half his genes.  He called child protective services, and not once did it cross his mind that he could cause Gabe to go into the hands of strangers.  I have devoted the last 3.5 years of my life to nurturing, protecting, and teaching my son.  He tried to blame me for neglecting our marriage to care for our son, and then he turns around to accuse me of anything which would cause him harm.  It showed me just how truly reckless, irresponsible, and desperate he is. I refer to him as desperate, because he is desperate to discredit me.

This is my last post about anything related to my future ex-husband.  I was finally smart enough to realize he wasn’t worst wasting my breath or the server space!

Happy Satisfying Sunday,

Everyone Needs Validation..

I was speaking about global vaccine access at KFWC State Convention

It seems like I have been so consumed with other things lately, I haven’t posted about something that
really matters to me.  My true passion for advocacy arose from my involvement with the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life Campaign.  There are not words to describe how much the people I work with inspire me.  We have so many outside interests yet we are still devoted to one similar cause.  Everyone involved with the campaign believes that every child deserves access to potentially life saving vaccines.  I have been given so many opportunities and incredible support.  Whether it is Aaron talking to us about “using our wine glass” and channeling our voice, Jamie watching over ALL of the champions so diligently, quiet but powerful Maggie driving the campaign forward, or Anastasia and her bright smile and encouraging words, all of the champions have amazing support with the United Nations Foundation staff.  I am honored and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful campaign.  When I feel like mankind is lost in a very ugly and chaotic world, I look the Shot@Life campaign and I know there is hope.  There are good people that love others without hesitation and with true kindness, and my hope for humanity lies in you.  When I have been made to feel lesser and unaccomplished by someone who should have been my biggest support, you have made me feel powerful and validated.

In the words of a dear friend, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”  You are amazing and you were meant to shine.  You should be able to trust others, but most of all learn to trust yourself.  You know that you are powerful beyond measure, and you can achieve anything that you put your heart into.  Don’t let the belittling, petty, and hurtful actions of others change the heart of who you are.  We were born to do amazing things.

Happy Smiling Sunday,

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

May 25, 2013

Flower arrangement by Glen Farmer of The Flower Shop

I went to the place where my brother was buried today.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry uncontrollably.  I sat on his grave and quietly remembered.  I always end up consumed with thoughts about what our lives would have been like if he hadn’t died.  I know that he is miss terribly by all of us.  


         Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush

                                                        Of quiet birds in circling flight.

I am the swift uplifting rush
I am the soft starlight at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.
~Mary Frye

I’m glad Gabe isn’t old enough to understand what happened yet.  I’m not sure how you explain that to a child.  I want Gabe to know his Uncle and not remember the horrific way he died.  Gabe deserves to believe in, and have faith in others.