Spiced Chocolate Truffle Muffin: Entertaining Guests

November 1, 2017
spiced chocolate truffle muffins

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When I was growing up, I spent nearly every Sunday either at my grandparents’ or great grandparents’ houses. I played with my cousins and we ate dinner together. Sadly, I feel like families don’t visit each other like they use to, or at least my family doesn’t. We seem to only visit during holidays, birthdays (if it’s a big one), weddings, and, unfortunately, funerals. When was the last time you had dinner or visited with your extended family? We spent some time with my husband’s family last week; his grandmother unexpectedly passed away. While everyone certainly grieved her passing, it was nice to catch up with many of them again. My husband got to spend time with his beloved great uncle and he got to meet our daughter for the first time. When everything was over and everyone went home, I just wanted to sit with my husband and relax. There are only a few things that I find more soothing than a nice cup of coffee and a bite of chocolate. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite coffee and chocolate pairings, Starbucks® Holiday Blend Coffee and Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles. This Spiced Chocolate Truffle Muffin recipe is lightly sweet with a burst of chocolate in the center. spiced chocolate truffle muffins Continue reading Spiced Chocolate Truffle Muffin: Entertaining Guests

Decadent Chocolate Fudge Pie

March 2, 2016
decadent chocolate fudge pie

I’m on a diet;  and because I’m on a diet, I want to eat all the chocolate. I don’t want just a piece, I want the entire bar. I’m a stress eater, this has very little to do with my actual diet and more to do with the stress of my upcoming wedding. I’m stressed over the wedding planning and I’m stressed that I need to drop a few pounds to properly fit into my gorgeous wedding dress. If anyone ever said that wedding planning wasn’t stressful, they either had an unlimited budget, a really good wedding planner, or both. I would have loved to just elope, maybe even back to a Beaches Resort or to a lovely castle in Ireland; either would have probably been cheaper and much less stressful for me. To top off the stress of wedding planning, my broken hand ended up infected which required two emergency room visits and my 3.5 year old French Bulldog suddenly died. I need chocolate for my mental health and probably an extra hour on my recumbent bike. I decided to make myself a pie, a decadent chocolate fudge pie.

decadent chocolate fudge pie

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Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate Recipes

February 6, 2015

This month I’m doing a collection for Foodie.com of some of my favorite chocolate recipes. I have to disclose that this is a compensated post, but that doesn’t impact my selection of recipes. I tried to include a mixture of simple (few ingredients and fast) and fancy (more time consuming). I love chocolate. My mom blames it on the fact that she craved Coca-Cola and Hershey’s chocolate with almonds while she was pregnant with me, but I don’t have the same craving for Coca-Cola products. My son loves chocolate too, and I won’t get into the nature versus nurture debate over that one either. Chocolate isn’t made for you in moderation, and especially when it’s dark chocolate that is loaded with anti-oxidants.

chocolate recipes

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