5 Winter Vacation Ideas

August 26, 2015

Summer might still be in full swing, but your attention may have already turned to wintertime and to where you can head on vacation when the colder weather kicks in. It can be cold and dreary in Kentucky during the winter months, I’m always dreaming of my next little escape. Though that said, there are loads of things to do in Kentucky, check out these things to do In Owensboro for example if you are looking for a staycation when summer rolls round again.

But it’s not going to be summer for much longer and you need to plan your winter wonder holiday. So to give you some inspiration for a winter holiday of a lifetime, here are five superb destinations for a family sojourn this winter.

winter vacation ideas

1) Tenerife

If you think you’ll need a break from the tumbling temperatures, why not book yourself cheap holidays to places that stay warm and sunny? Tenerife is a great example. This Canary island can get crowded during the peak summer months, but in winter it has a more relaxed vibe. The temperature averages a pleasant 21°C during the low season, so you’ll still be able to make the most of the island’s beaches and attractions. While there, you can enjoy whale watching boat trips and check out the buzzing Siam Park with its waterslides and rides. With that being said, it is not just Tenerife that you can experience Whale Watching at. Whether you choose to go whale watching california, Sri Lanka or Costa Rica, you’ll be able to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat and create wonderful memories.

2) Barbados

Meanwhile, for something a little more tropical, perhaps the beautiful island of Barbados in the Caribbean would suit you better. A favorite among celebrities including the likes of Simon Cowell, it has lots to offer family groups. You can unwind in the various beach resorts, dive beneath the waves in an Atlantis Submarine and visit the Andromeda Botanic Gardens.
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You’ll be guaranteed great weather too, with average daily high temperatures in January an impressive 28°C. There is nothing like relaxing at one of these villas in barbados and enjoy the weather!

3) Mauritius

Another sun soaked vacation spot to consider is Mauritius. This petite but perfectly formed island in the Indian Ocean makes for a real winter paradise. From its bustling capital, Port Louis, to the serene Black River Gorges National Park, there is no shortage of attractions to explore. Mauritius benefits from a mild, tropical climate throughout the year and it’s at its warmest between November and April.

4) The slopes of Utah

Of course, you’re not restricted to sunny, sultry, holiday spots. Perhaps you’d prefer to embrace the chilly season by taking a ski trip, and what better place to go than the slopes of Utah?
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Easy to get to and home to superb snow conditions, the resorts of Alta and Snowbird are well worth checking out.
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On average, they get more than 12 meters of snow a year and between them they have 4,700 acres of slopes.

5) Finnish Lapland

Meanwhile, for a touch of festive magic, it’s hard to beat Finnish Lapland. While in this frozen wilderness, you can enjoy reindeer sleigh rides, go dog sledding, take snowmobile safaris and test your skills ice fishing. Never heard of ice fishing before? You won’t be the only one, but it is actually very popular. It’s just like normal fishing, but you catch your fish through an open section of ice instead, and reading some of these Outdoorempire reviews about the best ice augers on the market, can help to ensure that you make the most of this activity, as well as catching as many fish as possible. Nothing beats taking part in these different winter activities, so make sure you try everything that Finnish Lapland provides you. You might even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights.

Whether you’re after the sunshine and sea or a dusting of snow, booking your trip now will give you something to look forward to this winter. Do you have any unique winter vacation ideas?